Laos Excursion

14 Days – 27 Days

GIVE’s Laos Volunteer Excursion is the perfect extension to our Thailand trip, yet it stands alone as an off-the-beaten-path adventure into the rugged mountainous territory of this fascinating country. You will support remote villages on a variety of English education, eco-friendly infrastructure and wildlife conservation projects, while also meditating with monks in a monastery, summiting craggy limestone peaks, exploring hidden waterfalls and ziplining through the jungle canopy. Come see for yourself why Laos is the best-kept secret in SE Asia!

Laos Highlights


You will have a variety of opportunities to make a positive impact on the people and wildlife of Laos. Support a local NGO that protects black bears, tigers, gibbons and other animals from the illegal wildlife trade, by helping to construct a new sanctuary that will hold more than 200 rescued animals! You will also have the opportunity to teach fundamental English lessons to local children, teens and adults, preparing them for a world of educational and professional opportunities. Last but certainly not least, pick up a shovel and work alongside locals to build vital infrastructure like schools and freshwater tanks.


GIVE’s Laos Volunteer Excursion takes you well off the beaten path to explore the remote villages, meandering rivers, mountaintop vistas, idyllic waterfalls, elaborate temples, dense jungle and limestone caves that make this country so special. On this one of a kind journey you will take flight on a zipline adventure through the jungle canopy, swim in the turquoise pools of otherworldly waterfalls, spend a morning learning about the ancient practice of meditation from local monks, and look out upon the stunning countryside of Laos from limestone peaks!

“This program changed my life in SO many ways. Laos is one of the most special places I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. Whether it is the unbelievable views, the wonderful food, or the incredibly humble and genuine people, this program has IT ALL.”


Laos Volunteer 2017

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