Thailand Excursion

14 Days – 27 Days

GIVE’s Thailand Volunteer Excursion immerses you in colorful hill-tribe communities, working alongside locals on a variety of sustainable agriculture, reforestation and English education projects.  Your trip culminates with a multi-day elephant trekking, bamboo-rafting and bungee jumping adventure through the jungle! Thailand is the perfect introduction to this fascinating region of the world; take the experience one step further by joining GIVE’s Laos Excursion after your trip.

Thailand Highlights


You will have a variety of opportunities to make a positive impact on the people and environment of Thailand.  Get your hands dirty on our sustainable agriculture and reforestation projects, which are focused on conserving the natural environment that local people and wildlife rely on to survive.  You will also have the opportunity to teach fundamental English lessons to primary and middle school students, preparing them for a world of educational and professional opportunities.  Last but not least, get up close and personal with Asian elephants and help to protect this majestic, symbolic and keystone species from extinction.


GIVE’s Thailand Program is an absolute explosion of the senses. You will look into the eyes of an elephant while bathing them in the river, smell fragrant incense while exploring ancient temples in Chiang Mai, taste exotic flavors while wandering through local markets, hear the calls of the wild while bamboo rafting through the jungle, and feel the adrenaline while bungee-jumping 160 feet!  Thailand is a fascinating and beautiful country; our mission is to provide you with a better understanding, genuine appreciation, and inspiration to explore even more of it.

Worth every penny. Such an amazing organization that allows you to be completely immersed in the culture. I gained an understanding what it means to be a global citizen and met life long friends. I couldn’t have asked for anything more form this trip. This trip opens your eyes to what life is like on the other side of the world.


Thailand 2017

Extend Your Trip:

Southeast Asia Package

Cross borders & save $500 by combining Thailand and Laos into a 4-week journey.

GIVE’s Southeast Asia Package takes you into the heart of Thailand and Laos for an authentic cultural experience filled with adventure. 

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