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“GIVE taught me what it means to be alive and what it feels like to be present and purposeful in every action I take. My time on Zanzibar reminded me to question everything, leave a larger handprint than footprint and to cling to happiness. Maybe most importantly, GIVE taught me how to give. And let me tell you, I cannot wait to be back.”

– Samantha Abramovich, Tanzania Volunteer

“This trip truly changed my life for the better. Not only did I learn how to travel and live more sustainably, I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone, felt more connected to the Earth than ever before, and made friendships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. If you’re thinking about going on a trip with GIVE, DO IT NOW you won’t regret a single second of it :)”

– Emily Olszewskie, Hawaii Volunteer

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“GIVE changed my entire life. From the very first day of reaching the island of Zanzibar, I saw the world in a different light. The cliche expectations of serving others and volunteering were achieved but I had no idea that I would experience the best 2 weeks of my life. Giving is a lot more than monetary handouts. If you want to change the world, go and get your hands a little dirty. But trust me when I say that the locals will help you more than you could ever help them. Don’t sit and wonder what it’s like or ask others what it’s like. Go. Go and give your time and effort with the best organization you could find.” – Chase, Tanzania



“GIVE in Laos is hands down the most life changing experience I have ever had. Every fiber of my being feels like it’s on fire. I view the world in a brand new lens and I am empowered to be the change the world needs. This is all thanks to the experience I had in Laos with GIVE.” -Tommy, Laos

“I have never been so affected by a trip or a group of people in my life. Give has offered me the chance to grow as a person and help others who I believe are deserving of every possible opportunity I have, and they have given me more than I thought I would receive. They have given me a new family, a new home, and a new mission and passion in life. GIVE motivated me to change my major to sustainability, to educate all those in my life on ways in which we can be less harmful to our environment and to educate them on different cultures. I have learned more about myself and who I am. I now am part of a community that will forever be connected worldwide. The work itself was rewarding in various ways and that combined with really immersing ourselves in their culture multiplied that reward by thousands. I have been abroad before and have one volunteer work in the past but nothing compares to this trip and these people” – Alexandra, Nicaragua

“I had an amazing two weeks in Sop Chem, Laos with my new family of global citizens! We were “small but mighty!” I learned so much while teaching English to local children, building sustainable classrooms with walls made of plastic bottles, playing volleyball and swimming in the river with the villagers, learning to fish, caving, zip lining, and much much more! I am proud to be a global citizen! Khoi Hak Jau Laos!” – Tashi, Thailand & Laos

“This experience has completely changed my life. It taught me more about myself, what I value, and the world outside my comfort zone. My Nicaragua trip was more than just an adventure to a different country, but rather a trip that allowed me to fully immerse into the culture of the Nica people.” – Joanna, Nicaragua

My trip with GIVE was the most life-changing experience I’ve ever had. I’ve never been so immersed in a foreign culture and learned so much in so little time. I guess spending all day every day working, playing, and learning with these welcoming, friendly people gets to you. GIVE also really cares for their volunteers and strives to make a difference in the world. I was really impressed by GIVE and how well thought out their program is. Everything is carefully planned, from how the program supports the local economy to how much time is allotted for every activity.” Carlos, Southeast Asia Package


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