Volunteer In Nicaragua

Due to political unrest in Nicaragua, our mainland operations there are currently on hold, but our positive impact is only growing. GIVE continues to operate our Reef Conservation Program on Little Corn Island, because the island is far removed from the political conflict affecting the mainland and travel there can be facilitated safely and securely. Furthermore, we continue to fund two-full time teachers on Little Corn Island – one facilitating an after-school literacy program and the other teaching computer science to local teens and adults. Finally, GIVE’s flagship project in Nicaragua – a vocational school built out of 20,000 repurposed plastic bottles – has now certified more than 90 students in advanced computer science and classes will continue into 2019.

Nicaragua Program

14 Days – 28 Days

GIVE’s Nicaragua Volunteer Program immerses you in rural fishing villages along the Pacific coast to build sustainable infrastructure, teach English to children and to protect endangered sea turtles. Spend your free time surfing, paddle boarding and kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, and cap off your adventure by sandboarding down an active volcano! After your time volunteering in Nicaragua you have the option to join GIVE’s Nicaragua SCUBA Coral Reef Conservation Program to complete 16 dives in 14 days and earn 3 diving certifications on an island in the Caribbean!

Nicaragua Program Highlights


You’ll have a variety of opportunities to make a positive impact in our host communities through your time volunteering in Nicaragua. Work side by side with community members to improve infrastructure at local schools where you will create a more productive learning environment for teachers and students. You’ll have the opportunity to teach English in these same schools to children, teens and adults. Last but not least, volunteer at a sea turtle conservation program designed to increase the survival rate of endangered sea turtles!


Volunteering in Nicaragua with GIVE takes you from the black sands of Pacific Coast beaches to the glowing craters of Pacific Rim volcanoes. Spend your free time on the coast surfing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, playing beach soccer and salsa dancing, before heading inland to experience two volcanoes in two incredibly unique ways. Dig your fingers into the earth atop Cerro Negro to feel the mountain breathing beneath you, before strapping on your sandboard and gliding across black volcanic sand to the bottom. Close out your adventure by camping at the summit of Telica Volcano, and hiking to the volcanic rim after sunset to see glowing molten lava inside the crater!

“Wow, I don’t even know where to begin. This trip blew every expectation I had out of the park. It truly is an experience you have to try yourself to understand the hype. This program is eye opening and inspiring; it will challenge you both mentally and physically. You have an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture in the most authentic way…I got to spend as much time with the locals as I did my fellow volunteers, who are now ALL my family. It is amazing how closely you are able to connect with each other on this trip in only two short weeks.” 


Nicaragua Volunteer 2017

Extend Your Trip:

SCUBA: Reef Conservation

dive to Protect Vibrant Coral Reefs, sharks & sea turtles.

After you volunteer in Nicaragua, extend your adventure and dive 16 times in 14 days off a tropical island in the Caribbean!

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