Nicaragua Adventure Activities

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Volcano Sandboarding | Surf in the Pacific | Volcano Camping | Chill on the beach | Explore Leon | Estuary Tour | Learn Spanish | Beach Soccer | Sunrise Yoga

Sandboard down a Volcano

Climb 2,400 ft to the summit of Cerro Negro, the youngest, most active volcano in Central America, and look out upon the expansive green landscape below.  You will truly understand the power of this mountain as you dig your fingers into the black sand, feeling the volcanic tremors and radiating heat from the crater below.  There’s no greater rush than hopping on your sandboard and gliding down the 41 degree slope all the way to the bottom!

Surf in the Pacific

Surf some of the best-undiscovered surf spots on the Pacific Coast of Central America.  Our local guides know all the secret spots and will provide sunrise and sunset surf lessons before and after each day of volunteering.  Paddleboards and kayaks are also ready and waiting at our seaside cabanas!

Volcano Camping

Hike through the forest on your way to an epic camping spot near the summit of Telica Volcano. Enjoy a delicious dinner as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, and just as the moon and stars come out, we’ll hike up to the volcanic rim to see glowing molten lava!

Wait, there’s more…


Relax on the black sand beaches and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Cooking Class

Learn how to make traditional meals from the local woman within your host community. 


Learn Spanish from local guides and community members


Play soccer with local legends on the beach.

Estuary Tour

Embark on a sunrise estuary cruise, exploring the mangrove forest and sea turtle nesting grounds.

Sunrise Yoga

Start your day off right with sunrise yoga sessions on the beach.

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