WILD: WFA & Leadership Course

7 Days

GIVE’s Wilderness International Leadership Development (WILD) Course is an alternative Spring Break opportunity to explore Washington’s Cascade Mountain Range, participate in outdoor leadership training and development classes and take a Wilderness First Aid course to get your WFA certification. Rugged peaks crowned with glaciers, pristine alpine lakes and old growth forests will serve as your classroom, with practical, hands-on training Wilderness First Aid training that provides you with real-world skills, knowledge, confidence and qualifications to become an effective leader in settings around the world.  Discover how to transform your passions into your profession!

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WILD: WFA & Leadership Course Components

GIVE’s Wilderness International Leadership Development Course embodies the adventurous spirit and passion for exploration essential to outdoor leaders around the world.  From treks through the Cascade Mountains to Wilderness First Aid course scenarios along the Pacific Crest Trail, this course takes you off the beaten path to navigate some of the most spectacular wilderness in the United States. GIVE's WILD course adheres to the following core competencies:

  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Course
  • Risk Management
  • Outdoor Leadership Development & Teamwork
  • Wilderness Skills & Decision-Making
  • International Context & Cultural Awareness

"GIVE is a family and one that I'm so grateful to have found, and the time that I spent on WILD with them in Washington was no exception to this. I learned more than I thought possible in just a few days and honestly I never knew learning over spring break and playing out scenarios in the snow could be so fun. Whether you're a past volunteer, aspiring GIVE employee, or someone who just stumbled upon this...DO IT."


WILD Student 2017