GIVE: Your All-Inclusive Travel Experience

The All-Inclusive GIVE Experience

Since 2011, GIVE has transformed the lives of more than 8,000 participants in 12 diverse destinations all over the world. GIVE is an expert in the travel industry that offers unparalleled responsible and culturally immersive trips. Our hands-on customer support, projects, and itineraries, developed in partnership with host communities and local guides, provide an authentic, immersive experience. 

Not only was it fun, but it was insanely educational and enlightening. It taught me about traveling responsibly and to be environmentally conscious. I learned the importance of spending my dollars on people who really need it rather than corporate tourism companies or fancy hotels. I think every human being should do something like this in their lifetime. Getting out of your comfort zone and learning about other cultures is the best way to experience this big wide world.”

– Alli, Nicaragua Volunteer

Pre-Trip Support

360 degree support

Advanced customer service that exceeds industry standards: We approach any issues or misfortunes with diligent, pragmatic care. This often leads us to exceed what would be considered “normal” customer service. Whether it’s helping first time travelers navigate their layovers, working with concerned parents, or navigating a pandemic. It is who we are as an organization and as people. Simply put: we care.

Pre-departure Support

We’ll support you every step of the way to prepare for your trip: fundraising, flights, travel insurance, passports, and VISA’s. We’ve got you covered!

Fundraising Support

GIVE provides our tried-and-true Fundraising Toolkit and an endorsement letter to raise money for your trip. We see fundraising success every year; it works.

Trip Protection

GIVE’s worry-free booking policy provides added flexibility for a peace of mind with free trip changes, guaranteed flexibility, and protected payments that are 100% transferable

24/7 Support

We’re here for you throughout your journey. We provide 24/7 support while our participants are traveling to ensure their safety, care, and well-being.

Responsible Travel

All activities on the trip are executed with hand-prints over foot-prints, people-over-profit, and community-leadership at the forefront.

Health and Safety

Safety is our top priority and the foundation for all of our programs. Read more about our risk management plans and COVID-19 safety protocols. 

During-Trip Immersion

The GIVE Experience

The action-packed, all-inclusive, boutique experience we provide is a value unmatched by any organization in our field. It’s the community-driven approach, local leadership, deep immersion, and lifelong friendships that create a transformative, life-changing experience. From our grassroots projects working alongside the local community members to our culturally immersive and epic adventures, our authentic trips are truly one-of-a-kind. 

Not a Placement Agency

The entire GIVE experience is operated by GIVE, our host communities, and local leaders. We do not send you off to third-party entities. Instead, GIVE works closely with our host community members and nonprofits to identify projects and execute a unique service learning experience together. GIVE and our local leaders ensure quality by remaining closely involved in our projects. 

Earn Academic credit

Enhance your trip, deepen your learning, and transform your worldview by earning academic credit on your trip! Our academic credit add-ons were created in partnership with SUNY Cortland, a member of the State University of New York (the largest comprehensive university system in the USA). Learn more about earning academic credit with GIVE!

Service Projects

GIVE and our local leaders collaborate on grassroots services projects that are designed and facilitated hand-in-hand with our host community partners. Local community members have ownership over these projects and are employed annually by GIVE to oversee project progression.

Cultural Activities

Immerse yourself in the local culture, develop meaningful relationships, and dive into extraordinary new worlds unavailable to most travelers. Cultural activities are led by local leaders and guides for a truly authentic experience.


GIVE has an established, vetted itinerary for the duration of the trip. It’s packed with volunteer activities and adventure. We work hard, play hard, and stay safe throughout the process.

Guides & Local Leaders

GIVE is a people over profit organization that empowers local leaders. We ensure our guides are professional, knowledgable, and always there for our participants.

Transportation & Fees

All transportation is included in the trip, from the moment you arrive until trip end. Any fees associated with local parks, or adventure activities are included.

Meals and Clean Water

GIVE provides unique culinary experiences. Allowing you to explore the food and culture of the country you visit, intermixed with a little taste of home.

Accommodations & Amenities

We stay in locally-owned bungalow-style accommodations that are simple, clean, cozy, and most importantly, safe. Our accommodations have basic amenities for your comfort.

Unforgettable adventures

Off-the-beaten track, epic adventures, tapping into the most breathtaking and exhilarating experiences the region has to offer.

Global Citizenship

Elevate your experience by engaging in important conversations about what it means to be a global citizen, voting with your dollar, and development methodologies. Build your network of active global citizens (your GIVE family) and long-lasting friendships!


Positive Group Dynamics

GIVE attracts a unique type of person. Friendly, open-minded, and interested in learning about the world. Our GIVE and local guides create an environment to enable deep friendships overnight, ultimately becoming a GIVE family. Good vibes will forever have a new meaning;)

Post-Trip Pathways

Extend your trip

Travel longer and immerse yourself further off the beaten path with one of our epic add-ons! Extend your adventure of a lifetime and dive even deeper into the experience (and save!). Learn how to extend your trip!   

Professional Development

The leadership skills, cross-cultural communication, adaptability and self-confidence you will gain on these trips is valuable and applicable in any professional field.

Engaged Global Citizen

GIVE’s immersive, eye-opening experiences and lasting connections transform volunteers into engaged, active global citizens. Volunteers continue to act locally while thinking globally well after their GIVE trip.

GIVE Groups & Network

We have an established and collaborative network of GIVE Ambassadors and GIVE groups across the country. Stay connected, engage in socially conscious and environmental campaigns to continue your path as an engaged global citizen.

30% return

Over 30% of our volunteers return and travel with GIVE on multiple trips. Review over 1,000 past volunteer reviews across 3-third party websites! Past volunteers also receive a discount on their next trip!

GIVE Testimonials

Read our past volunteer reviews, which are through third-party websites that are independent from GIVE. GIVE has no capacity to moderate the comments, and firmly believes in letting our volunteer’s experiences speak for themselves.

To sum it up, GIVE provides an authentic, 360-degree experience with unparalleled trip support and immersion. We support you from your initial outreach through the GIVE experience and beyond. Everything you see on our trip itineraries is included once you land in your host country. Here’s a general breakdown and you can dive into our different trip locations here.

What’s Included?

  • 360° customer support and administration
  • All accommodations and ground transportation
  • All meals throughout your trip
  • Drinking water 24/7
  • All project materials, guidance and facilitation
  • All adventure & cultural immersion activities

What’s Not Included?

  • Flights to/from your host country and all other taxes, ticket fees, and any country entry and departure taxes.
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Passport and visa (specific to destination)
  • Vaccinations (specific to destination)

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