Volunteer in HAWAII

Hawai’i Volunteer Program

8 Days

Volunteer in Hawai’i with GIVE and explore the rugged coastlines, dynamic landscapes, active volcanoes, stunning waterfalls, vibrant reefs and lush rainforests of the Big Island, while giving back to the ‘Aina (land) and Moana (sea) on forest restoration, marine conservation and sustainable farming volunteer projects. You will get to volunteer with various local nonprofits focused on indigenous land stewardship & cultural preservation, restoring native forests, building healthy & resilient local food systems, and protecting endangered & threatened marine species. During your free time from volunteering, you will be able to snorkel amongst tropical fish and green sea turtles, stargaze from the southernmost tip of the USA, hike across volcanic craters, and chill on beautiful white and black sand beaches!

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Highlights of Volunteering in Hawaii


You’ll have a variety of opportunities to make a positive impact on the ‘Aina (land) and Moana (sea) while volunteering with GIVE in Hawai’i. You will get to volunteer with a variety of local nonprofits on the Big Island focused on environmental conservation, cultural preservation and responsible tourism. Whether it’s volunteering to advance and revitalize indigenous land stewardship practices, clearing invasive species and planting native species to restore forest ecosystems, or removing microplastics and marine debris from one of the most plastic-polluted beaches on the planet, you will leave Hawai’i knowing that you helped protect and preserve this stunning, yet fragile, slice of paradise.


During your free time from volunteering in Hawai’i, you will have so many opportunities to explore the Big Island’s dramatic landscapes and coastline. Hike through lush rainforest and terraced taro paddies on your way to the black sands of Waipi’o beach. Gaze into the cosmos from the southernmost point of the USA. Snorkel amongst vibrant coral reefs, tropical fish and green sea turtles along the Kona Coast. Behold the spectacular 422ft cascade of Akaka Falls. Step into another world as you hike across volcanic craters in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. There’s no place in the world quite like Hawai’i and you will get to experience so much of what makes it so special.

“GO!!! You’ll gain so much more from this experience than you can imagine. Reach out of your comfort zone and go for it…you won’t regret it.”

Past GIVE Volunteer

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