Costa Rica

Costa Rica Volunteer Program

11 Days

Enter the lush and diverse landscape of Costa Rica, and embrace “pura vida”: the pure life. This epic adventure takes you through the rich highland jungles of the cloud forest to the culturally diverse Caribbean seaside beaches. This cross-country journey includes zip-lining, night safaris, a 2-day white-water rafting trip, and incredible wildlife such as sloths, jaguars, and dart frogs. Push your comfort zone while living on a jungle farm and immersing yourself in the numerous and vibrant cultures of the Costa Rica southeast, all while leaving a positive impact in your wake. Combine your trip with Nicaragua and save $400! (21 Days)

Highlights of Volunteering in Costa Rica

Extend Your Trip

Nicaragua Volunteer Program

Before your time in Costa Rica, begin your journey on the Pacific Coast and traverse across two-countries over 21 days!

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