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GIVE’s International Volunteer Projects: Three Pillars of Sustainability

Education. Infrastructure. Wildlife Conservation. 


These are the three main volunteer project focuses GIVE is implementing to inspire growth in our host communities. We make every effort possible to ensure that our volunteer projects remain economically viable, socially conscious and environmentally sound for the foreseeable future. When you volunteer abroad with GIVE, you will have the chance to see these initiatives firsthand.

English Education

Developing human and social capital through teaching English as a second language, basic health and hygiene, sustainable agriculture, physical education and environmental stewardship.

Eco-Friendly Infrastructure

Developing physical capital by building primary, secondary, and technical schools, permaculture plots, freshwater systems, agricultural learning centers, homes for displaced families and suspension bridges.

Environment & Wildlife Conservation

Protecting natural capital in our host countries by partnering with trusted NGO’s and responsible businesses on captive elephant welfare, sea turtle conservation,  reforestation initiatives and wildlife rescue.

Explore Our Volunteer Projects

As a GIVE volunteer, you will support the following initiatives through both your physical labor and project funding.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Work on various eco-friendly infrastructure projects including schools, water tanks, and other critical structures.

Women’s Co-op

Empower local women to collectively reach their goals and generate small business income.

Sea Turtle Conservation

Protect and release the critically endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle.

Disaster Relief

Rebuild homes destroyed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

Elephant Conservation

Support responsible elephant tourism and fund conservation of the Asian Elephant.

English Lessons

Teach English to local children and adults in your host community.

Recycling Projects

Rally host communities around critical waste management initiatives.


Replant native species and implement micro dams to slow erosion and increase biodiversity of the surrounding forest.

Sustainable Agriculture

Provide delicious, nutritious food and technical education to primary school students.

Water Projects

Provide remote communities with access to safe, clean water.

Wildlife Rescue

Support the rescue of Asiatic black bears and a variety of other primates, mammals and birds from the illegal wildlife trade.

Prosthetic Donations

Donate prosthetic hands to amputee victims of unexploded bombs (UXO) left over from the Vietnam War.

Eco-Brick Plastic Bottle Projects

Plastic waste has become one of the most serious environmental and human health problems facing us today. To address this challenge, GIVE has repurposed more than 50,000 plastic bottles and several tons of non-degradable waste to build schools, water systems, student dormitories and other critical infrastructure.

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