GIVE Student Groups

Why Start a GIVE Student Group

Your GIVE Fam doesn’t have to end after your trip. Lead a community of global citizens at your own University!

When you get back home from your GIVE trip, there’s a longing for that global family of like-minded individuals that you connected with on your trip. Most volunteers relate to this feeling and want to stay engaged with the community that shares the same passion and drive to make a difference. What if we told you that you could have that community right at your university or high school? GIVE student groups make real change in their own communities all over the world. They are the fearless leaders of the global citizenship movement and are inspiring the world with positive change!

When you start a GIVE Student group, you are starting a legacy at your school that will create a sense of community, GIVE warmth, and engaged movement for students for years to come! There are students craving that same connection as you, either past volunteers or like-minded folks that want to get involved. You’re creating a space for growth and inspired action for others looking to find themselves through responsible travel and local impact, just like you! Even more, there are countless ways that being a student group leader can benefit your future goals and growth.

Perks of starting a Student Group: 

  • Creating a shared like-minded community of global citizens who want to have a positive impact locally and globally
  • Access to a community of fellow student group presidents in a collaborative space to help you start your group
  • Engaging in local volunteer opportunities within your community and awesome group events, like camping trips and hikes
  • A resume booster: starting a student group is a great way to stand out in an interview
  • Networking opportunities with GIVE headquarters and other university groups (sometimes even local camping adventures!)
  • Unique opportunities to get more involved with GIVE and unique behind-the-scenes engagement
  • Increase your employment opportunities with GIVE – we look to our student group and ambassador leaders first for open positions
  • GIVE Fam in your local community; your tribe of global citizens!

Leading a Student Group:

  • Conduct meetings (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) to build rapport, communication, and consistency with your group. GIVE will provide meeting agendas, ideas and examples to get you going!
  • Hold social and local volunteer events for your group. Ex: movie nights, hikes, trash cleanups, permaculture projects, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with GIVE HQ about the progress and growth of your group
  • Participate in 2 annual campaigns with your student group alongside the entire GIVE network, such as Students4Students and Go Green with GIVE!
  • Elect an executive board (President, VP, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Social media director, etc.) to help you run the group (note: if you don’t want to be president, you can start the group and design your leadership team)
  • Remain in active status at your university/school (i.e. renew the group annually) and appoint/elect members to fill in leadership roles when you graduate

Student Group Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – hear from past student group leaders!

Having this student group on our campus has given me and so many others a community and a sense of family. It also allows for purpose. We are able to step out of our campus bubble, and truly support the community that welcomes so many students every year… ​​ This student group changes a college experience for the better.

Logan Falk

President, James Madison University GIVE

GIVE will and does change the lives of multiple kids and adults throughout the world which is why I believe GIVE should be a student group in as many schools as possible so all students have a chance to participate in such an amazing organization.

Claire Yehle

President, Lake Forest High School GIVE

I joined Virginia Tech’s chapter of GIVE the first semester that my friend had started the club. It was brand new which was both intimidating and super exciting! This club attracts the best kind of people, ones who truly have a desire to help others. It was so heartwarming to see how quickly we got members to come to our volunteer events… I love leading this club because it gives me a chance to meet these great people and organize events that will allow me to give back to my community.

Maggie Avellar

President, GIVE @ Virginia Tech

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