GIVE Student Groups

Why Start a GIVE Student Group

Continue building your GIVE family after you return home. Lead a community of global citizens at your own University!

When you get back home from your GIVE trip, there’s a longing for that global family of like-minded individuals that you connected with on your trip. Most volunteers relate to this feeling and want to stay engaged with the community that shares the same passion and drive to make a difference. It is possible to have that community right at your university or high school. GIVE student groups make real change in their own communities all over the world. They are the fearless leaders of the global citizenship movement, inspiring the world with positive change! 

Leave a lasting impact on campus

These are just a few examples of some of the amazing initiatives you & your GIVE student group can bring to campus.

Inspiring Future Volunteers

Build like-minded community

Campaign For a Cause

Local Sustainable Action

Environmental Advocacy

Global Awareness Campaigns

Perks of starting a Student Group: 

  • Create a shared community of global citizens who want to have a positive impact locally & globally
  • Join a network of leaders & connect with fellow student group presidents in a collaborative leadership & community space 
  • Leave a positive impact in your community through local volunteer initiatives 
  • Keep the stoke alive with awesome group events like camping trips, potlucks, and hikes
  • Boost your resume: starting a student group is a great way to stand out in an interview
  • Increase your employment opportunities with GIVE – we look to our student group and ambassador leaders first for open positions
  • Build a GIVE Fam in your local community; your tribe of global citizens!

Leading a Student Group:

  • Conduct meetings to build rapport, communication, and consistency within your group.
  • Hold social and local volunteer events for your group. Ex: movie nights, hikes, trash cleanups, permaculture projects, etc.
  • Communicate regularly with GIVE HQ about the progress and need for support
  • Participate in 2 annual campaigns alongside the entire GIVE network, such as Students4Students and Go Green with GIVE!
  • Elect an executive board (President, VP, Secretary, Fundraising Chair, Social Media Chair, etc.) to help you run the group (note: if you don’t want to be president, you can start the group and design your leadership team)
  • Appoint members to fill in leadership roles when you graduate

GIVE HQ & your community of GIVE Presidents are here to support you with ideas, inspiration, and advice to get your group going!

Start your own GIVE student group

Bring together a network of passionate past and future GIVE volunteers from your community to keep the GIVE experience alive! Lead the way by starting a student group to join together and act locally while thinking globally!

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Unite to carry the momentum forward

Explore the map to see if we have a GIVE group in your area!

We are better together. Join your local GIVE student group and connect with other groups nearby for maximum community connection and impact!

If you’d like to get in touch with the Group President at your University, contact us!

Don’t see a GIVE Group in your area? Start a student group and connect with other groups!