GIVE's International Volunteer Trips

Explore our volunteer trips and prepare to be immersed in authentic new cultures. GIVE trips or Gift Cards are the most special, sustainable gift!

GIVE's International Volunteer Trips

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Immerse yourself in each destination’s unique landscape and authentic culture, while having a positive impact every step of the way. Our international volunteer trips range from 1-6 weeks and provide you with a perfect combination of meaningful project work, cultural immersion, and off-the-beaten-path adventures.

From the moment you step off the plane, you will be supported by experienced GIVE guides and surrounded by a group of passionate, like-minded travelers. More than 30% of our volunteers choose to travel with us again, so select your destination and embark on the international volunteer trip of a lifetime!

North America & Hawaiʻi

Volunteer Excursions and Wilderness First Aid & Leadership Courses

Hawaii Volunteer Excursion

Protect & Preserve Paradise, 9-DAYS

  • Volunteer on environmental restoration, regenerative farming, and marine conservation projects
  • Explore the stunning waterfalls, active volcanoes, and dynamic coastlines of Hawaiʻiʻs Big Island
  • Learn from indigenous leaders about Hawaiian history, culture and environment 
  • Snorkel with green sea turtles and tropical fish amongst vibrant coral reefs
  • Experience some of the best stargazing on the planet

SCUBA Ocean Steward Add-On

PADI Certification & Ocean Stewardship Certifications, 7-days

  • Scuba dive with sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, and other marine life
  • Get your PADI Open Water Certification to dive anywhere in the world
  • Earn your PADI Dive Against Debris Specialty Certification while volunteering to remove marine debris
  • Earn your PADI Reef Conservation Specialty Certification and learn about coral reef conservation
  • Discover the incredible beauty, biodiversity, and cultural significance of Hawaii’s coral reefs

Pacific Northwest Volunteer Excursion

Exploration & Conservation in the Cascade Mountains, 7-DAYS

  • Volunteer with local nonprofits on environmental restoration & conservation
  • Search for wild orcas, humpbacks and other marine life on a whale watching cruise in the Salish Sea
  • Hike through old-growth forests, swim in alpine lakes & summit Cascade peaks 
  • Learn about the Snoqualmie Tribe while tubing the Snoqualmie River and hiking to Snoqualmie Falls
  • Unplug and reconnect with nature at a rustic lodge in the PNW wilderness

Pacific Northwest WILD Course

Earn your WILD Certification in the Cascade Mountains, 7-DAYS

  • Earn your Wilderness First Aid Certification (WFA) while exploring the Cascade Mountains
  • Gain outdoor leadership, risk management & wilderness skills training in the Cascade Mountains
  • Snowshoe to alpine lakes, old-growth forests and glaciated peaks
  • Ski, snowboard & sled on our private ski hill
  • Immerse yourself in some of North America’s most spectacular wilderness

Central America

Nicaragua Volunteer Program & SCUBA Reef Conservation Add-On

Nicaragua Volunteer Excursion

Pacific Coast beaches to Pacific Rim volcanoes, 13-days

  • Help to rebuild homes for families displaced by rising sea levels along the Pacific Coast
  • Plant mangroves and support a Sea Turtle Head Start Program 
  • Surf, paddle-board & kayak in the Pacific Ocean
  • Sandboard down Cerro Negro Volcano, camp on the rim of Telica Volcano, and see a molten lava lake at Masaya Volcano
  • Explore cathedrals and street markets in the historic city of Leon
  • Combine with the Scuba Reef Conservation Add-On for a 24-day package!

SCUBA Reef Conservation

PADI Certification & Reef Conservation in the Caribbean, 12-days

  • Dive to protect sea turtles, sharks & coral reefs in the Caribbean
  • 12 days, 14 dives & 3 certifications
  • This international volunteer opportunity involves building artificial reefs, implanting native coral species & conducting underwater research
  • Earn your PADI Open Water, Coral Reef Ecology & Ecological Monitoring certifications

Nicaragua Package

Combine the Nicaragua Excursion with SCUBA Reef Conservation, 27 days


Tanzania Excursion & Mt. Kilimanjaro Add-On!

Tanzania Excursion

Zanzibar Island & Overnight Safari, 15-days

  • International volunteer opportunity in coastal villages on the tropical oasis of Zanzibar Island
  • Empower a women’s co-op at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro
  • See wild lions, elephants, giraffes, leopards and more on a 2-day safari
  • Swim with wild dolphins in the Indian Ocean
  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro after your trip & reach the highest point in Africa
*Trips Available For Volunteers Aged 40+ Learn More

Mt. Kilimanjaro Add-On

Climb the Tallest Freestanding Mountain in the World, 7-days

  • Experience an entirely new side of Africa after your Tanzania Excursion
  • Push yourself to the mental, physical and spiritual limit, climbing 19,340 feet to the Roof of Africa
  • 4 days up and 2 days down through lowland rainforest, heather meadows, alpine desert & glaciated peaks
  • Reach the summit as the sun rises over the African plains

Tanzania Package

Combine the Tanzania Excursion with Mt. Kiliamnarjo Add-On, 22 days

Southeast Asia

Thailand & Laos Volunteer Excursions and Elephant Experience Add-on

Thailand Excursion

Hill-tribe Immersion & Elephant Trekking, 14-days

  • International volunteer opportunity in remote hill-tribe communities focused on sustainable agriculture and English education
  • Interact with Asian elephants in the jungle and support conservation
  • Embark on a multi-day bamboo rafting journey
  • Take the ultimate leap of faith on a 160-foot bungee jump
  • Combine with GIVE’s Laos Volunteer Trip to cross borders & save $500
*Trips Available For Volunteers Aged 40+ Learn More

Laos Excursion

The Best Kept Secret in Southeast Asia, 14-days

  • Volunteer at the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Partner with the remote village of Sop Chem on sustainable agriculture and English education projects
  • Meditate with monks in a Buddhist monastery
  • Summit limestone peaks in Laos’ rugged mountainous landscape
  • Add-on GIVE’s Thailand Elephant Experience and/or Vietnam Wildlife Conservation after your Laos Program!

Elephant Experience Add-On

Elephant Welfare & Conservation, 7-days

  • Spend a full week practicing responsible elephant tourism
  • Play with baby elephants & hike with a herd of elephants in the jungle
  • Travel throughout northern Thailand to support an ethical elephant tourist camp, an Asian Elephant Conservation Center, an elephant sanctuary and a community-based elephant tourism project
  • As a responsible traveler, promote elephant welfare and conservation by providing direct financial assistance to local conservationists, veterinarians, animal rights activists and mahouts (elephant caretakers)

Nepal Excursion

Build homes and trek amongst the Himalayas, 14-days

  • Volunteer and immerse yourself in authentic culture at the doorstep of the Himalayas
  • Rebuild homes destroyed by an earthquake alongside families and teach English at the local school
  • Embark on a whitewater river rafting adventure at the Himalayan foothills
  • Stand face-to-face with the tallest mountain in the world: Mt. Everest
  • Extend your trip with GIVE’s Everest Base Camp add-on after your Nepal Program!

Southeast Asia Package

Combine the Thailand & Laos Volunteer Programs, 28 Days, SAVE $500!

Add-On the Thailand Elephant Experience after the Laos Excursion or SE Asia Package!

Academic Credit Add-On

Nicaragua, Tanzania, Thailand, Laos & Nepal Excursions

Earn Academic Credit

UNIV304: International Sustainable Development, 3-5 Credits

  • Earn academic credit while volunteering with GIVE
  • Significantly enhance your experience with pre/post trip assignments
  • Learn the three pillars of sustainability and reflect on your ability to change the world