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So, you want to be a GIVE volunteer?

Join our GIVE family to transform your life, become an engaged global citizen, gain lifelong friends, and positively impact our world! There are just a few simple steps to book a GIVE trip, and our Worry-Free Booking Policy gives you flexibility and peace of mind to travel with confidence.


Here’s how it works:


Let’s make sure we’re a good fit – first, submit an application to be accepted.  Don’t worry, it’s easy, doesn’t commit you to anything and it’s good for life!

    Keep an eye out for your acceptance email!


Choose your location!

Haven’t decided where you want to volunteer? Explore our trips. Watch our videos to experience our locations by simply pressing play. GIVE trips will change your life, but you don’t have to take our word for it; read reviews from past volunteers to hear about their experience! 

    TIP: If you have questions, contact us! Everyone here at GIVE started as a past volunteer and we’re happy to chat about our experience!


Select Your Trip Dates!

Once you receive your acceptance email, you’ll create a password for your Volunteer Profile. This is where all the magic happens! Here you can select your trip dates, pay your deposit and confirm your trip.

    A deposit payment secures your spot, which is applied to your remaining balance. An additional deposit payment is required for our Package or Add-On experiences!


Prepare For Your Trip

Our 360-degree support team guides you through the entire process. From booking flights and travelers insurance to picking you up at the airport, we’ve got you covered. To get the inside scoop you can also visit Travel Details for more info.

   TIP: Fundraise for your volunteer trip with our Fundraising toolkit! You can also fundraise for your deposit, if needed!


Impact the World!

The time has come for you to take the leap! Travel responsibly with GIVE to change your life, change the world, and be the roots of change. Join our GIVE family!

  TIP: Embrace every moment! GIVE’s immersive experience will impact the rest of your life. Read reviews directly from past volunteers here!


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