Fundraise for your GIVE trip

Fundraise for Your GIVE Excursion

Money doesn’t have to be a barrier!

Fundraising for volunteering abroad is easier than you think. When getting ready to travel abroad with GIVE, spread the word about future travel endeavors with friends, family members, strangers, and classmates to help you meet your fundraising goal! When you share about your trip, you can get people on board to help make it all possible. Not only will they be supporting you to empower our host communities, but their dollars will go towards the projects you’ll be a part of during your trip!

Make a plan, make it happen!

Use our payment calculator to make a plan and achieve your goal to go on the trip of a lifetime. You’ll find that it’s very doable when you create a monthly plan to pay overtime! Then, you can confidently reserve your spot on a trip (or fundraise for your deposit if needed – see below!) and pay over time. Learn more!


Fundraise for Your Deposit!

Spots are filling up fast – you can reserve your trip dates in your GIVE Profile and fundraise for your deposit! Treat your GIVE Profile like a savings AND fundraising account: add money in increments or ask donors to apply funds towards your trip. You’ll also have access to our fundraising toolkit before you reach the full deposit! As soon as you reach the full deposit amount, your spot will be secured. Remember, your deposit and any funds paid towards GIVE are transferable and good for life. So, if you don’t quite meet your goal, you can simply apply your funds as a travel credit towards any future trip!

Quick Tips:

Organize fundraise outreach monthly: Whether it’s a social media post, sending letters, selling handmade items, or reaching out to local businesses, take a goal to do at least one fundraising effort every month.

Express your passion for why you want to volunteer abroad: People will be more likely to support you when they hear your personal story.

Partner up with a friend: Two heads are better than one! Combine your efforts with a buddy or other students on campus to make a big fundraising event!

Try multiple outlets for fundraising: Don’t settle on just one fundraiser, try for more than one form of outreach! If one doesn’t work, try another. One might be more successful for another!

Be creative! Have fun! The more personalized you make your fundraising, the more you will enjoy it and altogether will bring the most favorable results!

GIVE provides fundraising materials and support to aid in your success!

After you reserve your space on your excursion GIVE will send you exclusive access to even more resources to help you fundraise for your volunteer abroad trip. This includes an endorsement letter, access to webpages solely focused on fundraising ideas and suggestions, and fundraising tips. GIVE even takes an extra step that no other volunteer organization does: we connect you with other students at your university or in your area to work together and fundraise for your volunteer abroad trip! This way, you’ll have support from others fundraising for their excursions and you get to meet other GIVE volunteers before departing to your host country.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless, so take advantage of the time right now! It’s never too soon to start fundraising for volunteering abroad. We are here to support you every step of the way! It’s totally possible to fundraise to cover all of your trip expenses. Read this story about how a past GIVE volunteer was able to make it happen!

Success Stories from Past Volunteers

“When I decided to go on my GIVE trip to Nicaragua, I knew that I was going to have to find a way to fundraise in order to make this adventure happen. So, I came up with the idea of raising money by tie dying shirts and selling them to friends and family! I love tie dying already, so it was a fun and easy way to fundraise! At the time, my good friend had a clothing company and I was able to buy over 100 plain white shirts of all sizes in bulk for relatively cheap. I then proceeded to dye them all, and sold them for $10 a pop, enabling me to still make about $8 in profit for each shirt. Once I had dyed a good amount of them, I started posting pictures of my shirts on social media explaining to my friends and family what I was doing, where I was going, and how I needed their help and support to get there by simply purchasing one of my shirts. This endeavor ended up being surprisingly successful and I was able to make over $1,000 this way! In my opinion, the most important part of fundraising is using your passion and self-expression as a means to raise awareness and support for your cause. For me that is tie dying, but for you it could be something completely different, such as drawing, painting, cooking, bracelet making, etc. That combined with a clear and concise explanation of your intentions for the funds and a smile to back it all up will get you on a plane to your destination before you can say ‘Holy Toledo!’” – Joel Huckeba, Nicaragua Volunteer

“To fundraise for my Southeast Asia trip with GIVE Volunteers I made macrame charm bracelets and sold them at art and music festivals. Anytime I would turn on the TV, or had any free time I would spend about five to eight minutes weaving each bracelet. Then I would add charms or clasps that I bought from a local bead store. I was able to sell them on an Etsy account and at local art and music festivals for anywhere from $5-$8 depending on how complicated the design was. People really loved to hear my passion shine through when I talked about my reason for raising the money; which inspired the global and Southeast Asia vibe of the bracelets!” – Ruby Williams, SE Asia Volunteer

Have you fundraised for a GIVE trip? We’d love to hear your story! Send us an email to so we can help the next generation of GIVErs!

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