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Why make a payment plan? When you use the below payment calculator, you’ll quickly see that it’s very doable when you create a monthly plan to pay overtime! Trip costs may seem daunting at first, until you break it down. So, plan for your trip instead of putting it off! Help your future self by strategizing your finances now.

When arranging your trip finances, it’s best to break it down into incremental payments. Use our easy tool to create a payment plan that’s doable for you. Make payments towards your remaining balance within your budget, at your own pace, and with no fees. Within no time, you’ll pay off your full trip without even thinking about it. Let’s get started now.

Start a Payment Plan with 3 simple steps:


Lock In your Dates

First, commit to a trip date by placing a deposit! The timing of your trip is the first step for planning for your scheduled payments. Not ready to pay a $450 deposit yet? No worries, you can make payments towards your deposit too!



Use our payment breakdown tool to see the suggested minimum amount each month to pay off your trip over time. Then, set up a monthly amount that works for you to pay off your trip!


Pay Over time

You created a doable action plan, now put it in place, relax and see your trip balance decrease to $0 without having to think about it. Call GIVE to setup automated payments on your schedule.

 Have more time! With an automated monthly payment plan, your final payment is due 30-days prior to your trip start date (instead of 70 days)!

Let’s break it down






Remember, your trip deposit comes out of the total trip cost. And, if you’re on a payment plan, your final payment is due 30-days prior to your trip start date (instead of 70 days)!

How do I setup a payment?

Just give us a call and we’ll set it up over the phone! Let us know the amount and how often you want to pay (monthly, bi-monthly, etc). We’ll set it, you forget it, and watch your trip balance go down!

How much should I pay?

It’s up to you! Use our calculation tool above to break down the amount and timeframe to pay off your trip.

Can I fundraise and have a payment plan?

Absolutely! We highly recommend fundraising and most of our volunteers successfully fundraise! After we receive your deposit, we’ll email you an endorsement letter to fundraise, fundraising tools from past volunteers, advice, and MORE! We can also link you up with other volunteers in your area to fundraise together!

What's with the deposit?

A deposit is required to secure your spot and once it’s reserved, we’ll send you all the info you need to prepare for your trip. Trip deposits are $450 and there’s an additional deposit for add-ons.

After you put down your deposit that’s good for life, your spot on the trip is guaranteed! You can put down your add-on deposit with your trip deposit or later, either one is a-okay! If you need to change your trip date, just contact us.

What if i don't have the full deposit right now?

Just put down what you can! We have a “Fundraise for your Deposit” program, so you can pay in increments towards your deposit. Then, once you reach the deposit ($450 for a trip), you’re spot will be solidified.

Are there any additional fees?

Nope, there’s no fees or interest with our monthly plan (outside of the processing amount charged by the payment platform)

Can I make payments outside of my scheduled auto payment?

Absolutely! All you have to do is login to your Volunteer Profile to make an additional payment or mail us a check.

What payment methods can I use for automated payments?

You can use a credit or debit card (we accept all major cards) or a checking account.

What if I need to cancel?

We understand life happens and our cancellation policy supports that. Your deposit is good for life, so if you need to cancel, let us know and we’ll hold the funds to use on any trip in the future.

The one requirement is timely communication: you must cancel your trip before your final payment is due (70 days prior to your trip start date) to transfer your funds with no fees. If you cancel after your payment is due, fees range from $150-$225 to reinstate your deposit to a future trip. If you cancel within 30 days of the trip, you will lose all funds paid towards your trip. See our terms and conditions here for our full cancellation policy.

Can I just pay in full now?

Of course! You can pay in full through your volunteer profile or mail us a check.

What if I'm not sure about add-ons?

The most important part is to make sure you get on a trip! Then, you can put a deposit down for an add-on later. Log in to your volunteer profile anytime to pay the add-on deposit – you don’t have to pay both deposits at the same time.

When do I need to pay my trip deposit?

Trip spots are on a first-come, first-served basis and will fill up! So, we don’t have a specific deadline for putting down your deposit. That said, we often hear volunteers say they wished they’d put their deposit down sooner to get their preferred dates! It’s better to secure your spot sooner than later and with our worry-free booking policy, it’s risk free so you can book with confidence.

If you don’t have the deposit now, you can also select your dates in your Volunteer Profile and put down a minimum of $50 to start fundraising for your deposit! Once we receive your full deposit, your spot is reserved.

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