Our People

Our People

GIVE would just be a logo without our host community partners, local staff and leaders, and guides. Our host communities have been the driving force behind our positive impact and the lifelong inspiration for more than 6,000 past volunteers turned global citizens. When identifying projects, we unite with our host communities around initiatives that inspire its members to act, and then work alongside local leaders to form a long-term plan of action that empowers their communities.

Our volunteers work side-by-side with host community members on volunteer projects, guided by local leaders and educators as well as GIVE staff, to provide additional hands to achieve the community’s goals. Through providing hands-on, eye-opening learning experiences that foster authentic connections between our volunteers and host community members, we aim to activate global citizens who will continue to spread GIVE’s values and ultimately ignite sustainable change worldwide.

Meet the faces behind the movement

GIVE is essentially a vessel carrying our volunteers towards something greater than themselves.  As such, this ship only goes as far as the people steering it, and we’re lucky enough to have the greatest crew on the planet.

HQ Staff

Jake Allison

Founder & Director

John Miller

Global Engagement Coordinator

Katence Olson

Co-Founder & Director of Operations

Sydney Eisenberg

Social Media & Support Specialist

Daniel Trevor

Head of International Operations

Carly Schade

Operations Manager


John Miller

Regional Coordinator

Mcheni “MC”

Education Coordinator

David Chogo

Director of Green Paw Adventures

Ibrahim “Ibro” Bakili

Logistics Coord & Project Manager

Hannah Kenzie


Khamis Alawi


Ibrah “Boi” Momo

Permaculture Coordinator & Guide

Sophie Petersen


Juma Valantia

Local Legend & Jack of All Trades

Meet The Staff

in Thailand!


Mooky Musikapong

Regional Coordinator

Amelia Armstrong


Tidarat “Ann” Jitsook

Elephant Experience Coordinator

Dang “P’Tat” Intong

Driver Extraordinaire

P’Au Sripermpoom


Hannah Isakowitz


Chaue “Tony” Palae

Logistics Coordinator & Guide

Veronika Funke


Meet The Staff

in Nicaragua!


Hailey Wetzel

Regional Coordinator

Alvaro Sanchez

Guide & Project Coordinator

Tomas Garmendia


Meet The Staff

in Laos!


Touy Kommamuang

Logistics Coordinator

Brandon Streb


Carly Schade

Regional Coordinator

Phon Malakham


Jessica Hillman


Mr. Good


Dave Boongullaya

Permaculture Director


Pasang Sherpa

Founder & Guide of Green Paw Adventures Nepal

Bikash Magar


Geljen Sherpa

Logistics Coordinator & Chairman of GIVE Nepal Foundation

Pranuj Shrestha


Hall of Fame

Matt Geddes


Ken Cohen, Ph.D

Risk Management Consultant

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