Volunteer Projects

Environmental Restoration

  • Engage in regenerative farming practices that work in harmony with the forest while reducing agricultural impacts.
  • Help preserve local forests and culture.
  • Support the efforts of a jaguar and sloth rescue center.

GIVE is working in conjunction with community leaders to identify and implement infrastructure projects that increase access to education, housing and potable drinking water in rural communities on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua. Over the past 6 years, we’ve constructed a vocational school that currently offers courses in Basic Computer Technology and 42 homes for families whose houses were destroyed by rising sea levels.  Many of these structures were built using thousands of repurposed plastic bottles packed with sand and non-biodegradable waste as eco-bricks. GIVE will continue working on eco-friendly projects that emphasize existing strengths within these communities and inspire their members to take action.

Responsible Travel and Social Support

  • Support the food security of local tribes through regenerative farming.
  • Help preserve local forests and culture.
  • Build schools with sustainable materials.

GIVE is increasing educational opportunities in our host communities by offering fundamental English lessons from native speaking volunteers to all children, teens and adults. In Nicaragua, possessing strong English language skills opens up a world of opportunities in both education and employment.  Children attending our lessons are gaining skills that will allow them to advance and succeed far beyond primary school, while our adult students are greatly increasing their job prospects.  In order to ensure consistent quality for our students, all lessons are planned and delivered in conjunction with our TEFL certified Education Coordinator.

At GIVE, we work hard and play hard!

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