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There is nothing like watching your child fulfill her dreams, which in turn results in the fulfilling of another child’s dreams. GIVE provides the most extraordinary combination of experiencing Africa from a tourist standpoint, but also provides the most extraordinary opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Our daughter made a difference in a child’s life as a mentor and a teacher, GIVE made a difference in our daughter’s life. Thank you GIVE.”

– Liz Fellows, Mother, Tanzania

“My daughter went on her first Give Trip to Thailand this summer and she had the absolute best time. The organizers helped me feel comfortable as a parent to allow my daughter to travel so far away, they patiently answered all questions and made it very simple.

My daughter had an absolutely incredible time. She learned so much about the Thai culture and has such respect for it. She loved her guides, the friends she made and the experiences. She didn’t want to come home. Very well done!!”

– Kelly, Mother of Past Thailand Volunteer

“​I was a little apprehensive at first when my daughter asked me to go to Africa. I did not know anything about GIVE; however, I did my research and made the decision to allow my daughter to take her first GIVE trip to Tanzania that summer. It was the best decision I could have made as her parent. The insight my daughter gained through working with, and making a difference in the children’s lives, and the construction of schools was invaluable. She came back with a global perspective that has impacted her in a way I don’t think other experiences would have.” [cont’d]

“What was more difficult for me was the decision to allow my daughter to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro! I think I worried from the moment I knew she started up the mountain. Though it was a difficult decision, it was the best decision for her, and I am extremely glad I allowed her to take on this challenge. It provided my daughter the confidence and sense of achievement she had not known until the moment they reached the summit. When she returned home from Africa, she told me climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was the hardest and best thing she had accomplished in her life.

That Fall, my daughter asked to sign up for GIVE opportunities in Thailand and Laos. Based on her experiences in Africa with the GIVE organization, I had absolutely no reservations. She again came home from Asia with an understanding beyond what any tourist experience would be able to provide. She gained a great appreciation of the culture and people in each country. She probably learned more than the children they work with and had great pride in working on construction and the water bottle project. GIVE provided my daughter with the insight to her inner passions and global view that will impact her throughout her life. I am extremely glad she saw the GIVE flyer after class the fall of her sophomore year. I would recommend the GIVE organization to any parent or student!”

– Rebecca Nordin, Mother, Tanzania, Thailand and Laos

“GIVE provided my daughter with the insight to her inner passions and global view that will impact her throughout her life.”

– Parent of past GIVE Volunteer

​”I’m a parent who reluctantly supported my shy, sweet daughter traveling so far from home to Nicaragua in the summer of 2015. The young woman who came home is sure and confident and has a deeply love heart for all the people of the world! She is now in Africa with GIVE, working hard and loving every minute of it!

Thank you GIVE, for giving my daughter something that grows in her heart, something that changed her from a quiet young girl to a strong woman who wants to GIVE to this world and see others have the opportunities she has! Thank you for this gift!”

– Paulette Isrow Leeper, Mother, Nicaragua & Tanzania

“I was a little reserved in sending my only children, 19 year old triplets, to experience a third world culture through the GIVE program in Nicaragua. My husband and I needed to weigh the cost versus the experience, in addition to their safety. Our children came away with many life experiences that would be difficult to weigh against a monetary value.

From the building of schools, and teaching english to connecting with the people and culture, it was the giving that was most important. Also the realization of how little is needed for happiness is a life lesson to be carried forward in their own personal lives. Thank you GIVE for bringing this program to our children.”

– Linda Schaper, Mother, Nicaragua

“It has helped her to be more concerned about global matters and not just what goes on in her ‘own little world”

– Parent of Past GIVE Volunteer

“I am totally delighted that my daughter Danielle had the opportunity to serve as a GIVE volunteer in Tanzania this past summer! I have noticed that this experience has given Danielle a more compassionate attitude towards the hurting and less fortunate. It has helped her to be more concerned about global matters and not just what goes on in her ‘own little world’. I believe this opportunity changed her by allowing her to see how blessed she is in every area of her life and to therefore realize that she has no need to complain, but to GIVE and GIVE MORE.

I can see that she has truly embraced the ideal that the roots of change requires her to engage in the process of being a volunteer with GIVE. Danielle’s team experienced some delays in the Atlanta, GA airport. I was contacted immediately. I was assured of Danielle’s and her teammates safety and whereabouts.

I am fully impressed with the work that GIVE provides globally. I applaud GIVE for their endeavor to give those who are able to give of themselves in a volunteer capacity the opportunity to be the roots of change in a REAL and TANGIBLE way. I would give my total support of Danielle and any future involvement with GIVE!”

– Jean Castille, Mother, Tanzania

“Thank you, GIVE, for giving my daughter something that grows in her heart, something that changed her from a quiet young girl to a strong woman who wants to GIVE to this world and see others have the opportunities she has!” 

– Parent of past GIVE Volunteer

“Molly had a great experience in Thailand, just as she had the previous summer in Africa. I like that she is not being a tourist in these countries and actually doing something positive for the population. I have always encouraged Molly to get out of her comfort zone and experience life when there is opportunity. I do know that [GIVE excursions] have given her a new experiences that she would have never had. And I have told her before, experience is life’s greatest teacher.

I would encourage Molly to go on another trip with the GIVE Organization. I would definitely recommend this trip to other parents. I would explain to them that there is greater risk in not allowing their young adult to travel and experience a different place and culture than to never have those experiences.”

– Robert Nickelson, Father, Tanzania & Thailand

“My son had such an amazing experience in Thailand! He wants to go back ASAP! He loved all of the activities, the culture, the guides, the camaraderie of the participants and the locals. It was the best experience of his life he would tell you! Bravo Give!!”

– Cindy, Parent of Thailand Volunteer

When our daughter Rachel called home in the Fall of 2011 and said she and her friend, Melissa, were planning to go on a trip to Nicaragua, we were really unsure that this was a good idea. Rachel asked us to check out the website and we were somewhat reassured. We had a few questions which were answered by the GIVE staff. Although I wouldn’t say we got comfortable with the idea, we supported her decision. We told ourselves we could get there pretty quickly if there was an emergency. After all, it wasn’t like it was as far away as Africa or something. Nicaragua turned out to be a grand experience for both girls. From fundraising to meeting the people of the villages, falling in love with the children, working with other GIVE volunteers, gaining insight about what true poverty is, helping communities in real and sustainable ways, seeing the glorious beauty of the countryside, etc. Were we kind of nervous while Rachel was out of the country and pretty much out of touch? Well, kind of. We prayed for the group daily.

In fall of 2012, we got another call. Rachel and Melissa were going to Tanzania and Zanzibar and they were going to do the add-on trip to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro. Which is in Africa. Which is far away. And we wouldn’t be able to get there quickly if there was an emergency. And we would have very limited contact. Somehow, this time we were not unsettled about this adventure. Getting to serve others in profound and meaningful ways in the wonders and glory of Africa…what an opportunity! And of course, they fell in love with the children. From a parent’s perspective, GIVE is an established organization and they are good at what they do. They have planned the excursions very well and they have worked diligently to provide for safety.”

– Rachel Lamonica’s Mom, Nicaragua and Tanzania

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