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Laos Adventure Activities

Experience Laos Like Never Before.

Meditate with monks | Alms Ceremony | Explore Lush Jungles | Beach Volleyball | River Tubing | Local Crafting Classes | Fishing | Viewpoint Trekking | Baci Ceremony

Meditate With Monks

Wake up before dawn to take part in the Alms Ceremony, placing handfuls of sticky rice into the collection bowls of saffron-robed monks gliding through the streets. Later that morning, we’ll visit a local monastery to learn more about Laos culture and practice meditation with monks!

Explore Jungles

The national slogan of Laos is “simply beautiful,” and its rugged, mountainous landscape certainly lives up to the hype. Trek to dreamlike waterfalls, explore limestone caves and cruise down meandering rivers surrounded by wild jungle.

Summit Limestone Peaks

Long-tail boat journey down the Nam Ou River towards the town of Nongkiaw, where we’ll trek through tropical jungle and bamboo forest on our way to the one of the most stunning viewpoints in Laos!

Wait, there’s more…


Sunrise yoga and meditation on the beach


Fishing with our local guides in the Nam Ou River.


Float through paradise and soak up the tropical jungle’s sights and sounds.


Trek to a stunning viewpoint with uninterrupted 360 views of the surrounding landscape.


Immerse yourself in unique cultures.

Baci Ceremony

Take part in a traditional Baci ceremony, where locals will wish you good fortune and safe travels on all future journeys.

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