Volunteer Projects


Sustainable Building

  • 300+ villagers with access to fresh, clean drinking water
  • 60+ primary students with a productive learning environment
  • 25,000+ plastic bottles repurposed as eco-bricks for construction of the water tank and primary school building.

GIVE is working in conjunction with community leaders to identify and implement infrastructure projects that increase access to education, healthcare and potable drinking water in our host community of Sop Chem.  Since 2016, we’ve implemented a fresh water system that provides sufficient access to all 56 families in the community and constructed a primary school building that provides each grade level with a private classroom.  Both of these structures were built using thousands of repurposed plastic bottles packed with sand and non-biodegradable waste as eco-bricks. GIVE will continue working on eco-friendly projects that emphasize existing strengths within the community and inspire its members to take action.


Wildlife Conservation

  • 60+ Asiatic Black Bears already rescued from the bile farming industry.
  • Dozens of other primates, mammals and birds rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.
  • 60+ acres of land housing rescued animals at the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary.

GIVE has partnered with Free the Bears since 2015, an Australian NGO that has established wildlife sanctuaries throughout SE Asia to protect Asiatic Black Bears from the bile farming industry. Bile farming is a barbaric practice where bears are poached from the wild and kept in coffin-sized cages while dirty catheters extract bile from their gall bladders to be used in traditional medicines. We are currently working together to construct the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary, a 60+ acre sanctuary that will ultimately house more than 150 bears and a variety of other primates, birds and mammals rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Asia.


English Education

  • 60+ children receiving fundamental English lessons.
  • 30+ teenagers earning scholarships towards their secondary education
  • 20+ adults studying conversational English to improve their sales potential for local handicrafts

GIVE is working to increase educational opportunities in Sop Chem by offering fundamental English lessons from native speaking volunteers to all school-aged children.  Local teenagers are also able to earn scholarships towards their secondary education by achieving high attendance rates at our English lessons and clocking hours on our construction projects.  Furthermore, we’re empowering local artisans to increase their handicraft sales with our Adult English program.  In order to ensure consistent quality for our students, all lessons are planned and delivered in conjunction with our TEFL certified Education Coordinators.


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