Volunteer Projects

Earthquake Reconstruction

  • 20 miles to the epicenter of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck on April 25, 2015
  • 33 of 35 homes in the village of Paslang destroyed during the earthquake
  • GIVE is partnering with the Gorkha Municipal Government and local families to rebuild homes.

Paslang is a small village of 35 households located 2 kilometers from the city of Gorkha. Over the past several years, the community has developed ambitions of becoming a homestay tourism destination for travelers visiting the nearby Gorkha Palace, a famous pilgrimage site in Nepal. In fact, local families had already begun investing in the infrastructure and hospitality training necessary to develop their homestays, when Mother Nature tragically intervened. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the region on April 25, 2015, destroying 33 of 35 homes in Paslang, killing 3 members of the community and halting their plans to further develop tourism. Nearly three years later, 29 of those homes are yet to be rebuilt, as many families are struggling to secure adequate funding to complete their homes, while those who are securing loans are incurring unsustainable amounts of debt. In response, GIVE has partnered with local community leaders and the Gorkha Municipal Government to initiate a dynamic funding model that curbs dependency on outside agencies and incentivizes local families and institutions to take ownership of the rebuilding process.  As a GIVE Volunteer, you will have the opportunity to work alongside these families, empowering them to reclaim their homes and lay the foundation for a brighter socio-economic future.

English Education

  • 200+ students receiving English lessons from GIVE volunteers at 3 schools in the region
  • 55% of Nepali teachers lacking the academic qualifications and training necessary to teach English at the primary level
  • Higher education in technical, medical, scientific and engineering fields are taught entirely in English

The public schools around Paslang are filled with hard-working teachers and students that are eager to learn. However, these government-funded schools don’t have nearly the same access to quality English instruction as private English-medium schools becoming more prevalent throughout the country. Nevertheless, these students must pass the same standardized exams, allowing them to advance to secondary and tertiary education, and enter the same job market that is becoming increasingly contingent on strong English language skills. GIVE is working to provide equal educational opportunities in our host communities by delivering fundamental English lessons from native speaking volunteers at three schools in the region. Furthermore, we’re providing English and Hospitality training to adults in Paslang, better preparing them to attract and provide quality customer service to their homestay guests. As a GIVE volunteer, you will be integral in empowering the community to reach its goal of becoming a social tourism destination offering visitors a unique and authentic experience in Nepal!

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