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Empower people in remote communities and help protect our planets critical ecosystems.
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Your donation will: Empower generations by supporting education in remote communities; and protect our planet’s critical ecosystems. 

Over the last 11 years GIVE has engaged in environmental and community development projects in remote communities around the world, leaving positive handprints in our wake. The GIVE Foundation is our not-for-profit arm that sustains these projects year-round by providing critical support to the continued process of education and environmental protection. We focus on building human capital and opportunity by employing local people, who know their communities and environments best, to be the stewards of their natural and educational outcomes.

All donations to GIVE foundation and our causes go directly to our communities and are completely tax deductible.

  1. Education: Funding for teacher salaries, student scholarships, womenʻs empowerment, elephant conservation, agricultural training, and literacy & computer science education.
  2. Environment: Wildlife and marine conservation and education, sustainable farming practices, and reforestation.

As tourism and economic prosperity has been impacted in all of our host countries around the world, these donations are more critical than ever to ensure the efficacy and sustainability of our projects and local impact.

From our GIVE family across the globe: Thank you for your support!

Your donations directly support:




Job income and opportunity for passionate, qualified, local people: educators, conservationists, and social entrepreneurs. Teachers, facilities, advanced curriculum, transportation, and access to quality education in remote locations. Wildlife and marine conservation and education, sustainable farming practices, and reforestation.

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Fundraiser Initiatives

#1 Education

Education equals opportunity. Over the past 11 years GIVE has built and supported schools in Tanzania, Nicaragua, Thailand, Laos, and Nepal. Our schools have reached an incredible caliber by continually investing in teachers, curriculum, and facilities. This is only possible through continued funding from GIVE and generous donations from people like you.

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Tanzania: Grant-Aided Public School

  • Your donations fund year-round teacher salaries, school maintenance projects, and development of the nutritional student garden at the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE in Kairo, Zanzibar.

Thailand – Elephant Welfare, English Education & Nutritional School Gardens

  • Your donations support a full-time English teacher and nutritional student gardens for schools in the rural hill-tribe communities of Muang Khong, as well as wages for mahouts (elephant caretakers).

Laos – Student Scholarships & Regenerative Agriculture Training

  • Your donations fund scholarships for more than ninety students, as well as agricultural training to drive production, efficiency & ecological benefits for local farmers in the rural village of Sop Chem.

Nicaragua – Preschool, Literacy & Computer Science Education

  • Your donations fund teacher salaries and school supplies for pre-school and literacy education on Little Corn Island, as well as Computer Science and English education at the Bottle School in Jiquilillo.

Nepal – Primary Education & Women’s Empowerment

  • Your donations fund teacher salaries & educational supplies for the primary education of more than 30 students, as well as the construction of a Women’s Center in the rural community of Paslang.

#2 Protecting and conserving local environments

The villages we partner with sit in some of the most impressive, diverse, and critical ecosystems in the world. We partner with community members, NGOs, and non-profits to ensure these environments are protected and supported to thrive.

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  • Funding the implementation of free veterinary care, reintroduction to natural habitats and positive reinforcement training techniques for captive elephants in Asia, while also driving an industry shift towards community and conservation-based responsible elephant tourism.


  • Partnering with Chiang Mai University to research, develop and implement best practices in restoring tropical forests, which have been identified as critical habitats for restoration in order to meet global carbon sequestration goals outlined by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


  • We support projects in Vietnam and Laos, where local organizations and non-profits are rescuing captured wildlife from being sold to exotic pet owners, traditional medicine producers and wet markets, which are common sources of dangerous zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.


  • Establishing Learning Centers in rural villages that demonstrate best practices in nutrition-based, regenerative agriculture and provide free capacity-building workshops designed to increase earning potential, self-sufficiency & ecological benefits for local farmers.


  • Hāmākua Harvest: a Hawaiian nonprofit working to support local farmers, enrich the region’s social fabric, and promote healthy rural lifestyles for the benefit of Hāmākua’s communities, economy, and environment.

  • Reforestation and conservation of the Waikoloa Dry Forest.


  • Seagrass & Dugong Conservation: Dugong (similar to a manatee) is native to western Thailand and is under constant threat due to human-wildlife conflict and loss of habitat.

  • Reef conservation, education, and transplantation to support these critical habitats for marine wildlife.


  • Mangroves are a vital filtration system that prevent erosion and provide nesting sites for aquatic life. The reforestation of mangroves improves the health of marine ecosystems

  • Organic agricultural & nutritional education courses are available to all of the students in our host community, Jiquilillo. These are the students who will create generational change in their community. Our local guides work year round to help facilitate these efforts.


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