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Help increase access to education in GIVE's host communities around the world.
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GIVE Foundation Fundraiser


Empower students in GIVE’s host communities to receive their fundamental human right to education. Your donation will directly support teacher salaries, student scholarships, nutrition programs, education supplies, and school maintenance projects around the world.

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Since 2011, GIVE has worked alongside local school and community leaders to increase access to education in our host communities around the world. Together, we’ve built schools, hired teachers, launched nutrition programs, funded scholarships, and so much more, all in collaboration with passionate educators, hard-working students, and our incredible past volunteers. Each year, this global network bands together for GIVE’s Students4Students Fundraiser, which directly sustains these locally-led initiatives throughout the year:

  • A Grant-Aided Public School in Tanzania
  • Primary Education & Nutritional School Farms in Thailand
  • Secondary School Scholarships in Laos
  • Technical School & English Education in Nicaragua
  • Primary Education in Nepal

As a registered 501c3 nonprofit, all donations to the GIVE Foundation are tax deductible and go directly towards enhancing educational outcomes and opportunities in our host communities in Thailand, Laos, Tanzania, Nicaragua, and Nepal. From our GIVE family across the globe, thank you for your support!

Fundraiser Initiatives

Tanzania: Grant-Aided Public School

Your donations support year-round teacher salaries, transportation and school maintenance projects at the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE in Kairo, Zanzibar.

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Built over multiple years by local fundis (engineers), community members and GIVE volunteers, the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE is a grant-aided public school that provides more than 250 students with access to preschool and primary education. The school now ranks number 1 of 10 schools in the district and 3 of 19 in the region! Your donations directly fund the salary of Bi Asha, a full-time teacher at the school, daily transportation costs for local teachers, and the salary of Juma, the school caretaker and GIVE’s legendary driver. Asante sana from Tanzania for your support!

Thailand: Primary Education & Nutritional School Farm

Your donations fund the year-round salary of Kru Amnuoy to be a full-time teacher and manage the nutritional school farm at Nong Bua School in Mueang Khong, Thailand.

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Since GIVE’s very first site visit to the hill tribes of Mueang Khong in 2013, local teacher Kru Amnuoy has been our primary liaison and the heart and soul of our community development initiatives in the region. With our Students4Students campaign, we’re so proud to empower Kru Amnuoy to provide quality education and nutrition for more than 180 students at Nong Bua School, many of whom are refugees from the civil war in neighboring Myanmar. Your donations directly fund the year-round salary of Kru Amnuoy to teach primary education and manage the Nong Bua School Nutritional Farm, where he inspires students to grow their own delicious, nutritious and organic food. Kop khun mak kaap from Thailand for your support!

Laos: Secondary School Scholarships

Your donations fund secondary school scholarships for more than sixty students in the rural village of Sop Chem, Laos.

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In Sop Chem, Laos, the cost of education has always been a barrier for local students and their families, due to the village’s remote location and distance from secondary and tertiary education. In response, the GIVE Foundation awards participation-based scholarships to more than 60 local students to help offset the cost of their schooling. To earn these scholarships, all local students are invited to participate in English lessons and community service projects alongside our volunteers during their summer breaks. Based on their participation, students earn tiered scholarships for school books, uniforms and other required materials to make their education more accessible and affordable. This program has become so popular and effective that students from neighboring villages are making the journey to Sop Chem each summer to participate. Khawp jai lai lai from Laos for your support!

Nicaragua: English & Vocational Education

Your donations fund teacher salaries & English education initiatives at a technical school in the rural fishing village of Jiquilillo, Nicaragua.

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Built out of more than 20,000 plastic bottles repurposed as eco bricks, the Jiquilillo Technical School, proudly known as the Bottle School, was GIVE’s first ever infrastructure project in 2012. It’s now a fully operational vocational school providing local children, teens and adults with the opportunity to learn English, Computer Science and various other technical skills to enhance their education and employment opportunities in the region. Your donations will directly support local teacher salaries and English Education initiatives at the Bottle School. Muchas gracias from Nicaragua for your support!

Nepal: Rural Primary Education

Your donations fund teacher salaries & educational supplies for the primary education of more than 30 students in the rural community of Paslang, Nepal.

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Even with our volunteer programs on pause since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the GIVE Foundation continues to support primary education in the rural community of Paslang, Nepal. Since July 2020, up to 30 primary and secondary students have regularly attended classes with two talented local teachers, Anjana Bhattrai & Samjhana Rana, at the Paslang Community Center. What started as a pandemic project has now become a sustainable education program that allows students to receive a quality education without having to leave their home and families to attend school in different districts. GIVE’s Project Coordinator, Bikash Magar, has been the backbone of this program, facilitating daily meetings with teachers and community members, helping out in the classroom, purchasing project supplies, and doing whatever it takes to keep our projects moving forward in his home community. Diele dhanyavad from Nepal for your support!

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