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All of the impact and market-driven initiatives below are carried out by local, social entrepreneurs that we have invested in to achieve positive outcomes in their home countries and communities. We find the innovative thinkers, the ambitious students, the passionate educators and the compassionate leaders, and empower them to fulfill their visions for a better future. To learn more about the local leaders driving our success around the world, check out Our Social Entrepreneurs.

Our Projects

Asian Elephant Welfare & Conservation

Funding the implementation of free veterinary care, reintroduction to natural habitats and positive reinforcement training techniques for captive elephants in Asia, while also driving an industry shift towards community and conservation-based responsible elephant tourism.

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Over the last century, deforestation throughout SE Asia has pushed the Asian Elephant to the brink of extinction, as their native habitats have been drastically reduced by rapid urbanization and industrialization. The GIVE Foundation provides direct funding to local conservation biologists, veterinarians, animal welfare groups, responsible tourism providers, and mahouts (elephant caretakers), to support their unique and equally important roles in achieving practical, science-based, market-driven and holistic solutions to human-elephant conflict in Asia.

Grant-Aided Public School in Zanzibar

In partnership with the Vice President of Zanzibar and the Ministry of Education, we are funding the annual salaries of qualified teachers, along with books, uniforms, school lunches and utility expenses at a public school that is providing over 150 students with high-quality education.

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Since 2016, the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE has been fully operational as a government-funded, grant-aided Public School for Nursery and Primary students in the rural community of Kairo on Zanzibar Island. In the past, most of these students did not have access to a formal education because their families could not afford the high costs of transportation to the nearest school, along with expenses of books, uniforms and school lunches. As of today, more than 150 students are now enrolled in the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE, receiving their fundamental human right to an education. We are excited to see enrollment increase in the coming years, as we continue to develop facilities and hire additional teachers.

Community-Based Agroforestry in Laos & Thailand

Establishing Learning Centers in rural villages that demonstrate best practices in nutrition-based, regenerative agriculture and provide free capacity-building workshops designed to increase earning potential, self-sufficiency & ecological benefits for local farmers.

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Our Learning Centers serve a variety of unique purposes and populations in Thailand and Laos, ranging from primary and secondary schools, organic farmer cooperatives and entire communities. We hire local experts to design, manage and continually develop each Learning Center, based around the specific goals and expectations of each local partner. Once a Learning Center has been established, we invite local students, teachers and community members to participate in capacity building workshops on subjects ranging from Land Design, Organic Vegetable & Fruit Tree Production, Aquaculture, Animal Husbandry, Organic Pest Control, Natural Building, and other practical skill sets that drive production, efficiency, and ecological benefits for local farmers. Furthermore, we aim to develop resilient, local food economies by connecting growers with local schools, hotels and restaurants.

Computer Science & Literacy Education in Nicaragua

Facilitating after school English lessons for primary and secondary students and Computer Science courses for teens and adults in rural fishing villages along the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, as well as preschool and afterschool literacy programs for local children on Little Corn Island.


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In a school built out of 20,000 repurposed plastic bottles on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, we are partnering with local NGOs and educators to offer after school English lessons for primary and secondary students, as well as Computer Science courses that have already certified more than 50 teens and adults in Advanced Computer Science. On the remote Caribbean island of Little Corn, we are working with the local education administration to provide free preschool education and an after school literacy program to local children. 

Tropical Reforestation in Southeast Asia

Partnering with Chiang Mai University to research, develop and implement best practices in restoring tropical forests, which have been identified as critical habitats for restoration in order to meet global carbon sequestration goals outlined by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).


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The GIVE Foundation provides funding to a team of ecologists and research students at Chiang Mai University in Thailand, who conduct research to develop efficient methods to restore tropical forest ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage. This unit also provides technical training to a wide range of organizations involved in forest restoration and actively engages with local people to integrate biodiversity conservation into the needs of their communities.

Combating the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Asia

Supporting Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation initiatives in Vietnam and Laos that rescue captured wildlife from being sold to exotic pet owners, traditional medicine producers and wet markets, which are common sources of dangerous zoonotic diseases like COVID-19.

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We are partnering with local NGO’s in Laos and Vietnam that work with government agencies to locate and rescue Asiatic black bears, macaques, leopard cats, tortoises, exotic birds, civets, and even endangered red pandas from the illegal wildlife trade. Rescued animals are rehabilitated and returned to the wild whenever possible or, in cases where the physical and mental trauma is too severe for reintroduction, animals are relocated to world-class wildlife sanctuaries. Funding also supports Education and Awareness programs that educate local and international youth groups about wildlife, the environment, conservation & sustainability.

Women’s Empowerment

In every country that we work in, we have seen time and time again that when you invest in a woman, you invest in her family; and when you educate a girl, you educate a nation. That is why empowering local women and educating girls is central to our mission around the world.

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The GIVE Foundation actively invests in women’s empowerment in each of our host countries through a variety of initiatives. In Laos, we support the Sop Chem Weaving Cooperative, a group of 42 skilled female artisans implementing microfinance strategies to support one another to produce and sell a variety of handwoven products. In Nicaragua, we have built a vocational school that offers local women courses in hospitality, baking and ceramics; skills that are in high demand in the local job market. We also work with the Wang Phra Women’s Union in Thailand, a collective of women from the Karen hill-tribe who weave traditional clothes, bags and other garments for sale. In Tanzania we empower the Letu Women’s Cooperative to supplement family income and enhance their self reliance through making and selling handmade soaps and handicrafts. We have also helped build a Women’s Center alongside the community of Paslang in Nepal, which serves as a meeting place for the Women’s Union and a space to produce their traditional handmade products.

Furthermore, expanding access to education for girls is a priority in all of our locations. We accomplish this by awarding scholarships to girls for secondary and tertiary education, and coordinating with local schools, community centers and education administrations to make learning more accessible.

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