COVID-19 Fundraiser

Support GIVE's international staff, host communities and project initiatives abroad.

COVID-19 International Relief

Help us provide critical assistance to GIVE’s international staff, host communities and project initiatives around the world in response to COVID-19.

Over $60,000 raised by individual Facebook fundraisers!

For the last 9 years, our local staff and community partners have been the heart and soul of the GIVE Experience. They have been the driving force behind our positive impact and the lifelong inspiration for more than 6,000 past volunteers turned global citizens. They have welcomed us into their homes, introduced us to the people and places they love, and never hesitated to step up and support us when we needed them. Now, as they weather the sudden, unexpected and significant economic fallout of COVID-19, it’s our turn to step up and support them.

With our summer programs and most local commerce put on hold, GIVE’s Team Human Fundraiser will provide critical assistance for our local staff, host communities and project initiatives.

Let’s band together to support our local partners now, so that they will not only survive this crisis, but continue to thrive once it finally passes. From our GIVE family across the globe: ruam mer gun from Thailand; puak hao from Laos; tupo pamoja from Tanzania; sabai sangai jahnae from Nepal; and estamos juntos from Nicaragua. We’re all in this together.

Your donations directly support:




Reemployment opportunities, benefits & support for our local staff.Funding for existing community project initiatives.Community education to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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Fundraiser Initiatives


Reemployment opportunities and unemployment benefits for our local guides, project coordinators, and support staff who have been suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed due to COVID-19.

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In a world without COVID-19, our talented team of guides, education coordinators, worksite managers, drivers, chefs, engineers, and so many other important team members would be working full time to facilitate our international volunteer programs from May until August. As we have all experienced, this crisis unfolded extraordinarily quickly and, for our local staff, just weeks before they were scheduled to start the summer season. With such little forewarning, limited to no government assistance, and very few employment opportunities available during this economic downturn, our local teams have been hit particularly hard by COVID-19.

The Team Human Fundraiser is our critical first step in getting them back to work. As often as possible, our goal is to use these funds to reemploy our local staff in maintaining and developing our existing project initiatives, which are further outlined in the sections below. In situations where local public health guidelines make it impossible or unsafe for our staff to be reemployed, we will provide unemployment benefits to help ease the immediate economic burden.


Funding for existing projects and the continued sustainability of GIVE and its impact: teacher salaries, community gardens, literacy programs, agricultural training, wildlife welfare and conservation.

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Tanzania: Grant-Aided Public School

  • Your donations fund year-round teacher salaries, school maintenance projects, and development of the nutritional student garden at the Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE in rural Zanzibar.

Thailand – Nutrition-Based School Gardens

  • Your donations support teachers in rural hill-tribe communities to further develop school gardens, which empower dormitory students to grow their own nutritious, organic food.

Laos – Sustainable Agriculture Training

  • Your donations provide rural communities with expert agricultural training on innovative techniques that drive production, earning potential and ecological benefits for local farmers.

Nicaragua – Preschool & Literacy Programs

  • Your donations cover year-round teacher salaries and educational supplies for the Reading Room, a pre-school and after school literacy program on the remote Caribbean island of Little Corn.


Community education and resources to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and Emergency Relief for our partners most directly impacted by the virus.

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Community Education in Kairo, Zanzibar

  • We are partnering with a local women’s wellness center to provide public health education and community-based support to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in Kairo, Zanzibar.

Asian Elephant Welfare in Thailand

  • With the sudden collapse of the tourism industry, elephant care takers are struggling to provide their elephants with food and other basic necessities. In response, we are funding three organizations to rent farmland, so that mahouts will be able to grow a sustainable supply of nutritious food for the 72 elephants in their care.

Education Scholarships in Sop Chem, Laos

  • The cost of secondary school has always been a barrier for students in Sop Chem, but lost income due to COVID-19 has increased this burden even further on their parents. In response, the GIVE foundation will administer scholarships to secondary students to help offset the cost of their education this semester.

Vocational School Maintenance in Nicaragua

  • Donations from local hotels normally fund the caretaker salaries for our Vocational School in Jiquillilo. However, with the drop in tourism due to COVID-19, this funding is no longer secured. We are excited to support the caretakers at this time, as they provide 24-hour security, landscaping and maintenance for the school.

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Thank you from our GIVE Family all over the world

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