Tanzania Volunteer Projects

School Construction

  • 140+ children with access to nursery and primary education
  • Completed 6 classrooms, a computer/science lab, library and teacher’s office.
  • A government-operated, grant-aided public school with supplemental tutoring and extracurricular programs offered by GIVE.

GIVE has been working closely with the Ministry of Education and Vice President of Zanzibar since 2012 to develop a Nursery and Primary School for the children of Kairo and surrounding communities.  In the past, many of these children couldn’t afford the cost of transportation to the nearest school and therefore weren’t able to receive a formal education.  Local residents and international volunteers have shared shovels, stories, sweat and even tears, while constructing what now stands as a beacon of hope for education in rural Zanzibar.  As of today, more than 140 students are enrolled in the Skuli ya Kairo GIVE, receiving their fundamental human right to an education; a number that will only increase as we continue building additional classrooms in the coming years.


English Education

  • More than 140 children and 90 adults enrolled
  • 5 classes per day for children, teens and adults and individual instruction for advanced students
  • Women’s classes have grown from 1 regular student in 2016 to more than 25 in 2017

GIVE is working to increase educational opportunities in our host community of Kairo by delivering fundamental English lessons from native speaking volunteers to children, teens and adults. In Zanzibar, primary students must pass a difficult English exam to advance to secondary school, where all classes are taught entirely in English.  By receiving supplemental education from GIVE, our children and teen students are put in a great position to advance and succeed.  Nearly one hundred local adults also join our lessons voluntarily, hoping to improve their English language skills and thus increase employment opportunities in Zanzibar’s lucrative tourism industry.  In order to ensure consistent quality for our students, all lessons are planned and delivered in conjunction with our TEFL certified Education Coordinator.

Women’s Cooperative

  • Empower 12 women working together to provide food and money for their families by raising chickens.
  • Work together building cement chicken coops to maximize each family’s production.
  • The co-op’s ultimate goal is to house 100 chickens per household.

In the remote community of Tengeru at the base of Mt. Meru, women are responsible for managing 98% of daily activities. Everyday they work from sunrise to sunset completing household chores, raising children and providing their families with food, shelter, clean water and clothing.  With virtually no consistent job opportunities in Tengeru, these hardworking and inventive women have formed a cooperative that empowers each member to raise egg-laying chickens, which in turn provides a steady source of food and income for their families. GIVE is working alongside these women to construct durable cement chicken coops that provide secure and sustainable housing for their growing number of chickens. The Tengeru Women’s Co-op ultimately dreams of reaching 100 chickens per household, and GIVE is fully committed to supporting their entrepreneurial spirit.

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