“Applicant” – means a specific person, identified in the Application Form, who completed and submitted a GIVE Application within the date deadline

“Participant” – means a specific person, identified in the Application Form, that GIVE accepted into the GIVE program via e-mail or mail.


  1. GIVE welcomes and accepts volunteer Applicants who are open and willing to contribute to, learn about and experience the local culture in the host country where programs are located.
  2. Any persons who are 18 years of age by the day of their departure may apply. GIVE welcomes both students and non-students.
  3. All volunteer Participants must be 18 years of age by their departure date in order to participate on any and all GIVE programs. Volunteer Applicants whom are under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardians signature on the application and must turn 18 before their departure date.
  4. All volunteer Participants must be physically, mentally and medically capable to participate in all projects and activities included in the program. GIVE may require a medical form and doctor’s release in some circumstances.


  1. Each volunteer Participant must complete and submit the GIVE Application via e-mail, mail or in a GIVE sponsored information session. This does not commit or bind volunteer Applicants to GIVE programs; each volunteer Applicant must be accepted before eligible to participate in GIVE programs.
  2. GIVE will contact volunteer Applicant to inform volunteer Applicant of his/her a) acceptance into the program b) non-acceptance, or c) pending application due to a need of more information.
  3. If accepted, GIVE will notify volunteer Applicant by email OR mail and enclose instructions regarding completion of the GIVE Program Agreement
  4. The GIVE Program Agreement must be completed and submitted to the GIVE office with a $450 non-refundable deposit. The deposit is good for a lifetime! There will be a $150 transfer fee if you cancel your trip within 70 days of trip commencement.
  5. GIVE will place volunteer Participants in Programs on a first-come, first-served basis in the order that their GIVE Program Agreement and deposit(s) are received.
  6. If volunteer Participant’s departure date preferences change from the original Application, the volunteer may revise the dates of the Give Program Agreement. If the volunteer Participant’s departure dates preference change after submitting the Give Program Agreement, the volunteer participant should contact GIVE offices via email with new program placement preferences. GIVE will adjust departure dates according to volunteer Participant’s preferences (subject to space availability).


GIVE knows that you care about how we use your information and we appreciate your trust. GIVE respects and is committed to protecting your privacy. When you sign up, apply, or complete GIVE’s registration form, you give us certain information (such as name and email address). If you make a purchase, we collect payment information, contact information and details of what you bought. The information you provide is used to respond to your inquiries and contact you about the products/services on our site in which you have expressed interest.


The $450 deposit and GIVE Program Agreement, bearing volunteer Participant or guardian’s signature, must be submitted in order to participate on a GIVE Program. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferrable to a different individual, but it is good for a lifetime for the volunteer! There will be a $150 fee to transfer your deposit to a future trip if you cancel your trip within 70 days of trip commencement. These monies will permit GIVE to make necessary reservations and arrangements as well as confirm volunteer Participant’s commitment to participate in the Program. GIVE will reserve volunteer Participant’s Program placement dates upon receipt of the non-refundable deposit and completed Agreement (subject to availability).

Add-on deposits are also non-refundable and non-transferable to a different person, but also incur a $150 fee to transfer your add-on deposit to a future trip if you cancel within 70 days of trip commencement (not the start date of the add-on). If you cancel your add-on within 30 days of the trip start date, you lose the entire add-on deposit.


Any and all payments associated with GIVE Program costs are due in the GIVE office on or before 70 days prior to volunteer Participant’s departure date. GIVE will provide volunteer Participants with a Final Invoice, showing a payment summary and any balance due, via e-mail and mail no later than 70 days prior to volunteer Participant’s departure date. GIVE charges a $50.00 fee for late payments. Volunteer Participants may contact GIVE for payment options, if necessary.

If GIVE does not receive full payment 70 days prior to departure and no prior arrangements have been made with GIVE office, then GIVE will assume volunteer Participant cancelled GIVE Program. Once cancelled, volunteer Participant’s placement for the GIVE Program and/or specific departure date is not guaranteed, even if volunteer Participant becomes reinstated.

GIVE reserves the right to move volunteer Participant’s Program dates for the GIVE Program within a reasonable amount of time per GIVE’s discretion.

What’s Included In Your Trip Cost

GIVE’s Program Includes:

  • All accommodations during the volunteer Participant’s specified GIVE Program dates
  • At least three (3) meals per day on the Volunteer Program and Adventure Tour, minus five (5) lunches on Adventure Tour
  • National park fees
  • All Program ground, water, and air transportation in the host country
  • All organization and associated fees charged in the host country
  • Orientation(s) in host country
  • Program management and program arrangements
  • Administration and recruitment costs
  • GIVE Team Leaders that are fully certified with NOLS 9-day Wilderness First Responder and CPR certification
  • GIVE travel informational packet and information to prepare for GIVE programs
  • All materials and tools to complete GIVE volunteer initiatives
  • GIVE T-Shirt

GIVE’s Program Cost Does Not Include:

  • Air transportation to the host country and all other associated air taxes, ticket fees, and any country departure taxes
  • All transportation and accommodation costs prior to and subsequent to the volunteer Participant’s program dates
  • Medical and travel/trip cancellation insurance (required)
  • Passports (required), travel visas (where necessary) and any vaccinations or medications (if required by Participant’s physician)
  • Any additional, optional activities available for volunteer Participants during both the Volunteer Tour and Adventure Tour including, but not limited to, deep sea fishing and PADI certification
  • Academic or Internship credits



In the event of volunteer Participant cancellation of GIVE Program, volunteer participants must inform GIVE offices in writing via e-mail or mail with confirmation receipt by GIVE. No verbal cancellations will be accepted. Any and all monies cannot be transferred to a different volunteer Participant. Volunteer In addition to GIVE, Participants must also inform  their travel insurance provider of cancellation. If the reason for cancellation falls within the terms and conditions of the Participant’s insurance policy, then the provider may refund the Participant. If the Participant’s insurance claim is denied, Participant may then submit proof of denial to GIVE, and the Cancellation Policy below will apply.

Since GIVE is liable to 3rd party vendors for any and all financial commitments made on behalf of volunteer Participants for necessary program arrangements prior to departure dates, upon GIVE’s receipt of volunteer Participant’s written cancellation, volunteer Participants will incur cancellation charges associated with expenses and costs suffered by GIVE for the volunteer Participant’s Program. The date of cancellation is defined as the date that GIVE received volunteer Participant’s written cancellation notification.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits are, however, good for life as long as the Participant cancels in writing at least 70 days prior to departure. If the cancellation is within 70 days, below Cancellation Policy will take effect. Note: ALL deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable to a different person than the participant.

Because GIVE makes financial commitments on behalf of Participants prior to departure dates, cancellation fees are applicable per person based on days before cancellation as follows:

Cancellation Dates & Corresponding Fees

If you cancel your trip with…

70 days or more prior to departure: All deposit(s) are non-refundable, but good for life!

69 to 50 days prior to departure: Loss of 50% of total program cost, excluding non-refundable deposit(s). A $150 fee reinstates non-refundable deposit(s) or applies deposit to the remaining balance of an existing trip.

49 to 31 days prior to departure: ​Loss of 75% of total program cost, excluding non-refundable deposit. A $225 fee reinstates non-refundable deposit(s) or applies deposit to the remaining balance of an existing trip.

30 days or less prior to departure: Loss of 100% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit(s).

Failure to show up: Loss of 100% of total program cost, including non-refundable deposit(s).

Please note that the above cancellation policy does not include airfare. Any cancellation refunds will be processed at the end of the GIVE program term.  If cancellation reasons are within the terms of Participant’s travel cancellation insurance policy, then the Participant should inform his/her insurance carrier for possible reimbursement.


GIVE reserves the right to modify and/or change the Program itinerary without notice. Every reasonable effort will be employed to operate the Program as planned; however, should unforeseen events and conditions require the itinerary to be altered or cancelled, GIVE reserves the right to do so for the safety and best interest of the group. If these issues occur and GIVE is forced to cancel a Program, GIVE will attempt to reallocate Participant to an alternate program within one calendar year, subject to conditions and availability.

In the event that this reallocation is unsuccessful, GIVE will issue volunteer Participants a non-refundable voucher for monies paid for use within 2 calendar years from the date of departure or participant will be given a refund of monies, excluding non-refundable deposit(s) or cancellation penalties, received by GIVE pursuant to RCW 19.138.040(6): “If transportation or other services are canceled by the seller of travel, all sums paid to the seller of travel for services not performed in accordance with the contract between the seller of travel and the purchaser will be refunded within thirty days of receiving the funds from the vendor with whom the services were arranged, or if the funds were not sent to the vendor, the funds shall be returned within fourteen days after cancellation by the seller of travel to the purchaser unless the purchaser requests the seller of travel to apply the money to another travel product and/or date.”


In the event that a dispute shall arise between parties to the Program Agreement with regard to any of the provisions or the performance of any Terms and Conditions of the Agreement, volunteer Participant agrees that the exclusive venue for dispute resolution shall be King County Superior Court in Seattle, Washington.


All volunteer Participants are required to secure travel/trip cancellation insurance for the duration of the GIVE Program. Volunteer Participants should select their own insurance policy specific to their individual needs with related policy conditions.

It is important that volunteer Participants thoroughly read and review any insurance policy, specifically in regards to cancellation circumstances. GIVE is not responsible for any travel/trip insurance actions, exclusions or omissions.

GIVE requires volunteer Participants to submit their proof of travel/trip cancellation insurance to the GIVE office no later than 60 days prior to the date of their departure.


All volunteer Participants are required to secure medical insurance to cover the volunteer Participant while abroad for the duration of the GIVE Program. Volunteer Participants should contact their current medical insurance provider to find out if their policy includes overseas coverage. If any volunteer Participant do not have medical insurance, volunteer Participants may obtain an insurance policy that includes both travel/trip cancellation and medical coverage.

GIVE requires volunteer Participants to submit their proof of medical insurance to the GIVE office no later than 60 days prior to the date of their departure.

GIVE requires all volunteer Participants to advise the GIVE office of any pre-existing or current medical condition and/or allergies either on the GIVE medical form or by e-mail. GIVE is not responsible for any omissions in regards to the volunteer Participants’ medical information.


GIVE recommends all volunteer Participants take GIVE organized flights to the host country(s) for the purpose of smooth, uninterrupted arrival departure. If volunteer Participants cannot take GIVE organized flights, then they must contact GIVE regarding alternate travel plans.


Additional domestic transportation in the host country by air or boat is required. GIVE arranges and covers all air or boat transportation in the host country during the duration of the Program.


GIVE provides orientation meeting(s) in the volunteer Participant’s host country(s) as well as a interactive debriefing seminar before the end of the excursions. The orientation(s) are conducted by GIVE Program Leaders in the host country(s) with the purpose of preparing volunteer Participants for their Volunteer Project and Adventure Tour. The final debriefing seminar is an interactive meeting meant to gain insight from our volunteer Participants about our Programs and volunteer initiatives.


GIVE will provide information on Volunteer Initiatives to volunteer Participants via email prior to their departure date. Information sent to volunteer Participants will describe project goals, host organization background and facts, accommodations, meals, volunteer tasks, suggested reading material, a packing list supplementary to the website packing list, health and safety considerations and more.

All GIVE volunteer groups will be accompanied by a GIVE Program Leader to collaborate with the host organization, facilitate group discussions, supervise volunteer activities and promote volunteer Participants’ safety. GIVE reserves the right to modify volunteer projects without notice, subject to unforeseen conditions.


GIVE Project Leaders will facilitate volunteer Participant activities and will have the ability to arrange a variety of desired activities.

Volunteer Participants will have the option to add on activities during their Adventure Tour. These add on activities are additional to the Program cost and can be purchased during the Program on volunteer Participant’s discretion. The internationally recognized PADI Scuba Diving Certification course must be purchased at least 60 days before departure to receive the associated GIVE discount. Volunteer Participants must consult with their physician regarding scuba diving health precautions.

GIVE reserves the right to modify Adventure Tours without notice, subject to unforeseen conditions.


Volunteer Participants are encouraged to try native foods to authenticate their experience abroad. During both the Volunteer Program and Adventure Tour, GIVE will provide at least three (3) meals a day from local cuisine. Volunteer Participants will be encouraged to explore local restaurants and eateries on the Adventure portion of the trip. Volunteer Participants must inform GIVE offices of dietary needs either in their application or via email. Vegetarians can be accommodated. GIVE cannot accommodate all dietary needs; volunteer Participants may need to supplement the included meals at their own expense. Volunteer Participants must contact GIVE regarding specific dietary needs, if necessary. Volunteer Participants with food allergies (or other allergies) must ensure that GIVE is aware of such allergies and the severity of the allergies.