Marine & Wildlife Conservation Add-on's

Marine & Wildlife Conservation

Protect and Explore The Natural World

Climate change and human animal conflict are having profound affects on our planet. Join us in being part of the solution by improving habitats and promoting animal welfare as you venture deep into these unique environments to invoke change and reconnect with the natural world.

Thailand Elephant Experience Add-On

Elephant Welfare & Conservation, 8-days

  • Spend a full week practicing responsible elephant tourism
  • Play with baby elephants & hike with a herd of elephants in the jungle
  • Travel throughout northern Thailand to support an ethical elephant tourist camp, an Asian Elephant Conservation Center, an elephant sanctuary and a community-based elephant tourism project.
  • As a responsible traveler, promote elephant welfare and conservation by providing direct financial assistance to local conservationists, veterinarians, animal rights activists and mahouts (elephant caretakers).


Conservation Add-on

PADI Certification & Reef Conservation

in the Caribbean, 12-days

  • Dive to protect sea turtles, sharks & coral reefs in the Caribbean
  • 12 days, 14 dives & 3 certifications
  • This international volunteer opportunity involves building artificial reefs, implanting native coral species & conducting underwater research
  • Earn your PADI Open Water, Coral Reef Ecology & Ecological Monitoring certifications

Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Add-on

Responsible Wildlife Tourism & Volunteering, 10-days

  • Explore the street markets, museums and temples of Saigon
  • Volunteer at a sanctuary for Asiatic Black Bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade
  • Spot wild boar, deer and other nocturnal wildlife on a night safari
  • Observe semi-wild gibbons at a primate rescue center
  • Canoe amongst wild Siamese crocodiles at Crocodile Lake

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