Responsible Travel

Practicing Responsible Travel

Leave a wake of positive change

We believe that travel and tourism can be leveraged to invoke a positive catalyst for sustainable change. By volunteering at our locations you are actively supporting this ideology that international travel, when facilitated in a conscious and responsible manor, can have profoundly positive impacts that resonate through the communities we visit and the travelers who participate. Which is why we have a commitment to ensuring that our approach is comprehensive and prevalent in all aspects and types of travel we offer. These responsible travel add-ons are designed to be extensions of the good nature we exemplify throughout our volunteer excursions and are without sacrifice to the social, economic, and natural environments we inevitably impact along our journey.

Travel has many benefits. It is fun, adventurous, and full of self-discovery.  But it also has the unique strategic advantage of merging cultures and economies for mutual prosperity. By selecting responsible companies and local partners we can optimize this dynamic and encourage a paradigm shift towards responsible travel across the entire tourism industry.  As a responsible traveler, you have the power to shift the tourism demand towards best practices that are environmentally conscious, economically fair, and socially responsible.

Marine & Wildlife Conservation

Protect and Explore the Natural World

  • Preserve the natural world and its vibrant habitats
  • Connect with elephants and understand the dynamics of human animal conflict.
  • Enter submarine ecosystems as you scuba dive to preserve our oceans coral reefs.
  • Rescue and rehabilitate Asiatic Black Bears from animal trafficking.

Trekking & Mountaineering

Go where you feel most alive

  • Trek responsibly through the world’s highest peaks
  • Ascend to the highest peak in Africa
  • Trek to Mount Everest
  • Trek through Tibetan communities in the Himalayas

All GIVE Locations

sew the roots of change in remote communities around the world

  • Work hard and play hard while immersing yourself in unique cultures around the globe.
  • ADVENTURE: African safari’s, surfing, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, sandboarding down an active volcano, and much more!