Trekking & Mountaineering Add-on's

Trekking & Mountaineering

Go Where You Feel Most Alive

Welcome to the worlds extremes. Reach to the heavens on these accessible treks to the high points of our earth where you will challenge yourself and rejuvenate your spirit.  Continue to travel consciously and responsibly as you optimize your journeys impact with our vetted local trekking experts. 

Mt. Kilimanjaro Add-On

Climb the highest peak in Africa, 7-days

  • Experience an entirely new side of Africa after your Tanzania Excursion
  • Push yourself to the mental, physical and spiritual limit, climbing 19,340 feet to the Roof of Africa
  • 4 days up and 2 days down through lowland rainforest, heather meadows, alpine desert & glaciated peaks
  • Reach the summit as the sun rises over the African plains

Everest Base Camp Add-On

Trek to Mt. Everest


  • Take your experience to new heights after your Nepal Excursion
  • Pass through pine forest, rhododendron groves, roaring waterfalls and Sherpa villages on your way to base camp
  • Witness a dramatic sunrise over the Himalayas from the Kala Patthar viewpoint at 18,192 feet
  • Look into the eyes of Chomolungma – the Goddess Mother of the Earth

Nepal’s Tibetan Frontier Add-On

Responsible Trekking in the Himalayas


  • Trek in to the Langtang Valley – one of the best-kept secrets of the Himalayas
  • Practice responsible tourism & help to revitalize the local economy in the wake of the devastating 2015 earthquake
  • Immerse yourself in ancient Tibetan culture
  • Wake up at dawn to summit a Himalayan peak

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