Scuba: Reef Conservation

SCUBA: Reef Conservation

12 Days

Dive in the crystal waters of the Caribbean to protect sharks, sea turtles and coral reefs!

Experience the Caribbean culture of Little Corn Island and immerse yourself in an amazing underwater world while you volunteer Scuba diving abroad in Nicaragua!  You’ll get to explore some of the most vibrant coral reefs in the Caribbean that are teeming with sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, stingrays and tropical fish; all while engaging in marine conservation volunteer work.  GIVE’s SCUBA: Coral Reef Conservation Add-On will get you a lifetime PADI certification and the needed inspiration to continue diving and conserving coral reefs around the world!

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“It was like catching stars…My eyes greedily soaked up the constellation of bioluminescence, focusing on each and all at the same time. I let my body float up amongst the strings of pearls, swaying with the iridescent beads to ocean currents. I was in a galaxy of stars, dancing in an eternal void to music I cannot hear.” Read More.

Chui Wern, Nicaragua 2015

Why volunteer scuba diving abroad?

See a different side of Nicaragua

From the black volcanic sands of the Pacific coast to the white sands of Little Corn Island, experience all that this incredible country has to offer. Combine GIVE’s Scuba: Reef Conservation program with GIVE’s Nicaragua Volunteer Program!

The Reefs are Disappearing

Occupying less than 1% of the marine environment, coral reefs are home to more than 25% of all known marine fish species.  With more than 27% of coral reefs already destroyed, we must take action now to protect and regenerate these critically important ecosystems.

You won’t want to leave the squad!

Nearly half of your fellow volunteers will join the SCUBA program after their Nicaragua Excursion.  Some will even pay to change their flights while in Nicaragua so they don’t miss out!  Extend time with your new GIVE family by joining the Nicaragua Package!

Scuba: Reef Conservation Program Itinerary

GIVE’s SCUBA: Coral Reef Conservation program consists of volunteers “coral gardening”, which is the process of planting and/or restoring coral to damaged areas. This process is supervised by a PADI-certified Dive Instructor and Conservation Diver with extensive coral gardening and ocean conservation knowledge. So volunteer scuba diving abroad with GIVE, become a coral gardening jedi, get PADI-certified, make a positive impact on our planet’s oceans and embark on the experience of a lifetime!          

Day 1

Trip Commencement: Meet your GIVE team leaders at the Managua airport and then fly from Managua to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua,  where you will be greeted by your GIVE guide and then hop on a boat towards Little Corn Island. You will spend the rest of your day getting settled into your beachside bungalows, receiving an orientation about the island and the SCUBA: Reef Conservation Program.

Day 2-4

Begin your PADI Open Water Course with a Discovery Dive! Here you will learn the basics about diving under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor. Spend the next two days studying Open Water Theory and putting that knowledge to work in the sea. After four dives you will officially be certified as a PADI Open Water Diver!

Days 5-10

Once PADI certified, you will begin your conservation lectures and dives. Each day after breakfast, you will have one to two lectures followed by dives that correlate with the lectures. Here are the main course components:

  • Ecological Monitoring Program (EMP) Fish Identification
  • EMP Inverts
  • EMP Substrate
  • Algae
  • Shark Monitoring
  • Lionfish Invasive Species
  • Artificial Reef Record and Maintenance
  • Coral Reef Taxonomy and Collection
  • Turtle Ecology
  • Presentation Prep and Photography
  • EMP Choice Dive

All of the data gathered during your conservation dives will be collected to monitor and identify any existing trends with the reefs.

Free Day: Midway through the week you will have a free day to recharge from all the diving. You can tour the entire island, explore hidden coves, learn to make coconut oil with locals, climb to the top of the lighthouse for an epic viewpoint, or just kick back and relax!

Day 11

Wake up on this day and enjoy your final lunch on Little Corn island before traveling by boat back to Big Corn Island. You’ll spend your final night in Managua reflecting on the underwater world you’ve discovered!

Day 12

Trip End: All good things must come to an end. Soak up your last few hours in Nicaragua before heading home!


  • All accommodations within Nicaragua, which have access to basic amenities an security
  • All volunteer projects materials, provisions, guidance, and facilitation
  • All diving equipment (mask, fins, wet suit, BCD, regulators etc)
  • All land and sea transportation (including flights from Managua to Big Corn Island)
  • All meals throughout your stay on Little Corn Island. 
  • Your PADI Open Water, Coral Reef Ecology and Ecological Monitoring certifications
  • Flights to and from Nicaragua and all other associated air taxes, ticket fees, and any country entry and departure taxes
  • Medical and travelers insurance
  • Passport and visa fees (specific to your citizenship)
  • Vaccinations (specific to host country)
* Trip dates are based on Demand. GIVE reserves the right to change program dates
* Winter trips are shorter than summer trips