Why GIVE Stands Out

Written by: Hallie Pratt & Daniela Martinez

1. Our Volunteer’s come back for more

More than 30% of volunteers return for multiple trips! Check out our outstanding reviews from past volunteers (and even their parents). GIVE trips don’t end when volunteers return home, but instead this is really just the start of their journey as a global citizen. We’re committed to empowering our volunteers to continue making a difference in the world after their trips. With every new volunteer our GIVE family continues to grow, and together we are the Roots of Change worldwide.

2. Safety is GIVE’s Top Priority

Our volunteers’ safety is our top priority. GIVE is dedicated to providing a safe, secure travel experience for all of our volunteers. GIVE offers small group sizes with a low volunteer-to-guide ratio. Our host locations are in small, rural communities where the volunteers experience cultural immersion while also giving back through the volunteer work. A sustainable development Ph.D., who also teaches risk management university courses, vets our trips annually and deemed our risk management to exceed industry standards. Learn more about safety here.

3. GIVE is Deeply Committed

We believe that sustainable development begins at the roots through empowering host communities. Volunteers work side-by-side with the locals to uplift the community and lay the foundation for change. Together, they partner on projects designed to make a genuine, long lasting difference. Projects focus on building and restoring infrastructure, education initiatives, sanitation projects, environmental issues, and fresh water systems in partnership with each of our host communities. Explore our projects.

4. Become an Active Global Citizen!

This experience gives volunteers perspective in all aspects of life: university, leadership, global issues, and future career paths. Volunteers gain insight and learn about significant world issues through firsthand experiences that motivate and encourage them to make a difference. GIVE awakens everyone involved to the significant change they can make as individuals while inspiring them to continue these efforts indefinitely.

5. Kickstart Your Career Development!

​The GIVE experience makes your resume stand out! Our past volunteers report that their trip experience helped secure them jobs. Employers look for employees who have leadership skills, show initiative, understand the developing world, and encompass the ability to excel in ambiguous situations. Experience working hand-in-hand with local communities abroad to build a school shows integrity, drive, commitment, and competence in intercultural communication. This experience will make you shine and help land a job!

6. Earn Academic Credit - The World Is Your Classroom!

That’s right, volunteers can earn academic credit on GIVE trips! Take action around the globe for credit instead of sitting in a lecture hall. Learn all about your host community pre-trip, engage on a deeper level through dialogue with the community while abroad, and complete a post trip project upon your return. There are no professors or text books on the trip! GIVE’s excursion in conjunction with our academic course truly allows you to lift the veil, see the problems, connect with the community, and be a part of the solution! Learn more about how to get credit.

7. Guides Drive Your Personal Leadership Capacity!

​Our guides empower volunteers to harness their engagement and become sustainable development leaders! They're also some of the coolest people you will ever meet! GIVE guides are trained to enable volunteers to develop and apply leadership skills, immerse themselves in the local communities, and create substantive, educational opportunities to learn about development. They have a solid understanding of the host community culture and language, understand the power of international service to ignite change, and are passionate about engaging our volunteers to make discoveries to change their lives. Meet the GIVE Crew by taking a look at their bios!

8. GIVE Supports Your Entire Journey!

We support our volunteers to prepare them to go abroad, during the trip, and after they return home. Our Seattle headquarters is in constant communication with our in-country GIVE staff to ensure important information is easily communicated back home. In addition, GIVE post updates and pictures on social media for others to see your experience abroad! Have family and friends “LIKE” us on Facebook to follow your trip!

9. Make Lifelong Friends from Around the World!

Meet likeminded people from all over the globe who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world! Our groups learn together, grow together, sweat together and become a family on the trip! Our volunteers continue to be a source of inspiration for each other for a lifetime.

10. If not now...when?! Take the plunge!

If you want to hear it from past volunteers, read our reviews! If you haven't already, apply or solidify your spot today!

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