Welcome Ambassadors

Welcome Ambassadors!

You’re part of larger, more powerful, social engine of GIVErs.

How To Be a GIVE Ambassador

You are all passionate, adventurous, and uniquely motivated individuals. This is a group that embodies GIVE’s mission to inspire growth, empower global citizens, and ignite sustainable change worldwide. Working together to change the world: as a GIVE ambassador, your role is to #livetogive. Hype GIVE on your campus and in your community to inspire others to volunteer with us! GIVE On and keep the momentum going!

You’re ultimate goal is to inspire others:

Tell people about GIVE while being a living example of what we represent. Always spreading the good vibes of traveling and creating positive change. You all collectively make up the personality of GIVE. You are the personal connection people will make to the reality of traveling abroad. The greatest impact is made by sharing on social media, spreading the word on campus (or in your community), and storytelling.

Easy enough right? Well then, let’s do it!

Ambassador Action Items

1) Add your info to this google doc so we can all get connected. Follow all your fellow Ambassadors and add each other on Facebook! Add yourself to this Facebook group where we will be able to share ideas and send updates.

2) Follow us on Social Media! Right now, go to the GIVE Volunteers Facebook Page to “like” it & select the “follow” option. Also, go to the @givevolunteers and @givethreads Instagram and follow the account & tap the “…” in the right-hand corner to “Turn on Post Notifications.” Lastly, go to the @givevolunteers Twitter and follow the page, holla back on the retweets.

3) Always like GIVE’s posts! Share it to your own timeline if it speaks to you. The more likes a picture gets, the more reach we will be able to achieve. Plus, the pictures are very cool and it will help you to stay connected with our programs!

4) Post every Wednesday to share your own pics with #GIVEGlobal! This hashtag is just for you guys. Use it to share your pics from your trip, of you and your friends in GIVE Threads, or any epic adventures you are doing these days. Tag @givevolunteers and #givevolunteers in the caption. We will be looking through the pics with this hashtag, the best posts will be featured on GIVE’s social media!

Wait, there’s a few more…

5) Post GIVE flyers & posters around campus! On every bulletin board you can find in campus buildings and classrooms. Please be sure to check if permission is needed before posting.

6) Visit classes to make announcements about volunteering with GIVE! Put your contact information on the flyers that you will pass out so that people can contact you with questions.

7) Get involved with your GIVE student group! If you’re university doesn’t have one, start one!​ Contact us here in HQ and we’ll help you get one going!

8) Your main point of contact will be Sammie Rothney. She will be emailing all of you on the 1st of every month & posting in the Facebook group. Make sure to read the emails and follow up on the monthly updates and ambassador challenges! If you have any questions email Sammie at sammie@givevolunteers.org.

Downloadable Files For Outreach

These files will help you inspire the next generation of GIVErs!

Editable pdf GIVE flyers: Add in your contact info & print in green whenever possible! If green isn’t available, a bright color!

Editable PDF GIVE poster: Add your contact info & print in 11x17 dimensions. This is GOLD for bulletin boards!

Program Fact Sheet: When having a meeting with someone interested in GIVE, you can give them this program fact sheet!

Powerpoint Slideshow: Use this as a foundation, but feel free.

GIVE Threads

Clothes that GIVE back. If you’re going to rep GIVE… you need some GIVE swag! Ambassadors will get a 10% off discount on GIVE Threads merchandise! Use the code GIVEON2017 when purchasing your shirts and elephant pants. Plus, all proceed go towards proceeds go towards international projects!

It is clothing that starts awesome conversation and they make for great adventure gear. Take lots of pictures doing epic things in your shirts and pants to post on your social media!

Get Back Abroad For Free!

​​​Share about GIVE everywhere! Put your contact info on the flyers you pass out for people to contact you & mentor interested people! Take them to coffee, answer questions, give fundraising tips – help change their lives by helping them to get overseas! If you mentor 5 people and help them get abroad, you will get 50% off any trip of your choice.

If you mentor 10 people onto trips you can go on any GIVE Trip for free! 

GIVE Ambassador Hall of Fame!

Run For Laos

Sally McBride, past Thailand & Tanzania volunteer & 2015 Laos intern, ran the Great Wall of China Marathon to raise $8,000 that helped fund a critical freshwater system in Sop Chem, Laos, a rural village of more than 300 people!

Rock out for Laos

Past volunteer Dylan Wilbar & the JMU GIVE Group held a concert with all benefits going toward the water tank in Laos. All together this Luau themed rock show donated over $1000 to Sop Chem in rural Laos!

Threads For Change

Joe Fernandez, past volunteer and Laos intern was gifted dozens of hand-woven fabrics from local women in Sop Chem. He returned their kindness by selling the fabrics back home and raised over $3,000 to be returned to their Co-op!

Lend a Helping Hand

Cameron Mehl, used his medical education and connections back home to provide a prosthetic hand to an amputee victim from the Vietnam War AND a potable water source for Sop Chem, Laos!

Educate to Empower

GIVE student groups have launched campaigns to raise money for various causes: education programs, Stand for Syria, and more! Using your voice as a platform is an incredible tool to educate your community!

Life Saving Fundraisers

Thomas Gibbons opened a GoFundMe campaign and raised $3,510 towards medical bills for our Tanzanian friend, Fahmi, who was involved in a bad motorcycle accident. See more here!

Music unites all people!


Add songs to this G!VE Ambassador Spotify Playlist that remind you of your trip or make you want to go on an adventure!