Time Capsule Upload

Thank you for doing your part to create your trip Time Capsule! We’re beyond excited to share the final product with your group!

1. File Upload: Choose your file or compressed/zipped folder to upload

DO YOU HAVE LARGE FILES? If you’re uploading large or multiple files, you’ll want to add Zip/Compress files into one folder. To do this: put your files in one folder, right click the folder and select “Compress”. A zipped/compressed folder will duplicate in the same location as the original folder. Upload this folder.

2. Name your file: “Location – Date – Your Name”, e.g. Nicaragua May 15 – May 20, 2016 – Bob Dylan, and upload

3. Add a description and your email

4. Upload!

​ If you have any questions, email Hallie, our Head of Volunteer Fulfillment!

Upload Here: