WILD Colorado & Utah Itinerary

WILD: Utah & Colorado Itinerary

Trip Length: 7 Days, Cost: $1995

Step into the West: a glimpse into your journey!

Roam the big western landscape of Utah and Colorado | 3-days of whitewater rafting through deep canyons | Get Wilderness First Aid Certified | Practice Teamwork & Leadership Development | Receive International Guiding Certificate

Day 1

Arrive in Grand Junction Colorado. Drive through warm desert air with the windows down for 1-2 hours through Colorado and Utah to our epic canyon campsite in Eastern Utah. Deep gorges, massive monoliths, blue skies, and bright stars. Immerse yourself in this pristine wilderness as we camp in various sites for the next 7 days.

Day 2-3

Complete your Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification. The canyons and rivers will be our classroom as you learn how to respond to emergency medical situations in a wilderness setting.

Day 4

We’ll issue your waterproof bags and give you time to pack them. (See our packing list). Next we’ll drive to our put-in in Loma Colorado. Our rafting adventure starts here in Ruby Canyon, characterized by smooth sandstone walls and unique pillars. The water is calm at first, with a few small rapids, perfect for playing around with inflatable kayaks. A side hike up Rattlesnake Canyon reveals a variety of desert plants and wildlife. Camp at Black Rocks and watch the moonrise over 1.7 million year-old black spires.

Day 5

Start the day with 2 hours of WILD curriculum and interactive scenarios before continuing our journey downstream. After a few hours of tranquil floating, the river enters the narrow, black rock canyon of Westwater itself. Rapids only get bigger from here. Camp just upstream of the largest set of rapids, deep within Westwater, and savor a steak dinner as the stars come out.

Day 6

Coffee and 2 hours of swift water rescue to complete the final elements of your WILD Certification. Gear up for rapids! One right after another: Big Hummer, Funnel Falls, Surprise, and the narrowest point of the Colorado River, Skull Rapid. Once we’ve made it through the rapids, sit back and look for bald eagles, great blue herons, and even an occasional big horn sheep. We aim to be at the boat ramp by 4:00. After loading boats and gear, we’ll make the 45-minute drive back to Green River for our final on the river.

Day 7

All good things must come to an end. But, these memories will be with you forever.

What’s Included

  • All accommodations/camping throughout your trip
  • All ground transportation
  • All meals
  • Drinking water 24/7
  • Guides instructors and course materials
  • Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certification OR Wilderness First Responder (WFR) recertification.
  • GIVE International Guiding Certification
  • Tents and most camping equipment (see packing list)
  • Adventure activities and 3 days of whitewater rafting

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to and from Grand Junction, CO
  • Medical and Travelers Insurance
  • Passport and Visa (specific to your host country)
  • Personal clothing & some outdoor equipment (see packing list)