WILD: Utah & Colorado COVID Safety

Safety and Responsibility 

Our world has experienced a lot of change since February but the desire to travel, gain new experiences, and explore the great outdoors has not. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent much of the last six months imagining a safe, responsible and adventurous way to travel this year. We’re right there with you and couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest, COVID-conscious ventures. 

We fully understand and respect the severity of COVID-19, and have taken unprecedented measures to increase your safety while offering adventures that will ignite new passions and personal growth. Adventure travel has inherent risks. Complete elimination of risk is not possible, but our years of risk management experience while sending over 6,000 participants on trips has allowed us to confidently offer you safe, life-changing excursions. 

GIVE is committed to the health and safety of our volunteers, staff, and local communities. GIVE follows the health, safety, and COVID-19 recommendations of the CDC, WHO, Adventure Travel Trade Association in concert with the Cleveland Clinic, and local authorities. Please review our enhanced health and safety protocols below, which continue to be updated as necessary.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols:

Prior to your trip:

  • All participants must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result taken no earlier than 10 days prior to their trip start date. Results must be sent to GIVE HQ prior to departure.
  • Participants will be asked to cancel their trip if sick. GIVE will issue a full refund upon receipt of a doctor’s note. 
  • Requiring GIVE employees to self-certify before each trip start date, that they have not experienced any COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone experiencing symptoms will be required to stay home and seek medical guidance.
  • We ask that participants come ready for adventure and willing to embrace our COVID-19 prevention measures prior to and during our trip; and that they stay informed, and communicate openly.

During your trip:

  • Upon arrival, participants will be asked basic COVID-19 screening questions by your guide(s).
  • Enhanced hygiene procedures enforced (i.e. no sharing of water bottles, daily sanitization of shared spaces and equipment)
  • Maintaining social distancing by decreasing the number of guests on our trips and maintaining 6 feet of physical distancing wherever possible. 
  • All 2020 summer WILD programs will consist of three separate “family units” each with no more than 8 participants plus 1 instructor. Participants will remain in these family units for the duration of their trip (i.e. during transportation, close proximity orientations, and activities).
  • To further decrease exposure, during rafting activities each family unit will be subdivided into groups of 4 participants per raft and will remain in these same groups during all activities including accommodations.
  • GIVE will adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local public health and worker safety guidelines, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Department of State, the Washington State Department of Health, the Washington State Safe Start plan, and the University of Washington
  • Masks will be required whenever physical distancing is not possible
  • The majority of the trip will take place in remote outdoor spaces, where it is unlikely to come in contact with other people outside of our GIVE group.
  • If a participant prefers private accommodations, they are welcome to bring their own tent. No more than 4 participants will share a tent and they will be the same group members as their raft. 
  • Open communication between participants and guides regarding participant health
  • Knowledge of local COVID-19 testing, if necessary 
  • If a participant exhibits signs/symptoms of COVID-19, the participant, along with anybody in their immediate group, will be removed from the group and isolated for further screening.

 Assumption of Risks & Release of Liability

While we are doing everything we can to operate in a manner that is safe for our employees, guests, and community, we are not infallible. And while the risk of exposure to COVID-19 can be reduced, it cannot be completely eliminated. We are making all reasonable effort to fully disclose the nature of the risks of exposure to COVID-19 to you through this notice. We also want to be fully transparent in our efforts to make your experience as safe as possible.  

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions related to our operations and COVID-19 safety efforts.

Despite our efforts, risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists. To participate in our trips, you must agree to acknowledge and assume the risks and release GIVE from all liability. You will not be allowed to participate in our trips if you cannot agree.

Is it Safe?

GIVE is committed to the health and safety of our participants and staff. Our Risk Management Team continues to monitor the situation revolving around COVID-19. We are constantly updating our protocols to reflect the most current recommendations. Travel has an inherent risk; however, here at GIVE we are committed to minimizing risk wherever possible. Travel can be unpredictable but luckily for you, we are industry experts who have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. Our team has sent over 6,000 participants on trips and has successfully managed all sorts of unique situations.

How did you choose this location?
  • Destinations are open or anticipated to be open and local regulations allow for certain group sizes. 
  • Nearly every component of our trip, aside from passenger transport, will take place outside in low-populated wilderness. 
  • Transportation is easily accessible to and from destinations and emergency assistance
  • GIVE’s presence won’t compromise local populations
What type of accommodations?

The entirety of the trip takes place in the great outdoors. Participants will be sleeping in tents with no more than 4 people in each tent and adhering to established “family units.” If private accommodations are preferred, you are welcome to bring your own tent.

Is there a volunteer component?

In order to protect our local communities, we have altered our programs and itineraries to remove components that would put us in direct contact with at-risk populations. Part of GIVE’s mission is to inspire, empower, and engage global citizens. Our WILD trip does just that and is a perfect introduction to who GIVE is, how to travel responsibility, and eventually join us overseas.

What if the trip is canceled due to COVID-19

We understand the concerns with your investment in a COVID world.  If the trip is cancelled for any reason we will issue a travel credit for your deposit which is valid for any future trip with GIVE, any remaining balance will be refunded in full.

Who can I contact for questions?

Both our GIVE HQ team and WILD instructors are available Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm PST. Feel free to email us at info@givevolunteers.org or call us at 206-973-7991.