Nepal’s Tibetan Frontier

16 Days

Begin your journey with a two-day trek through the Himalayas to the remote community of Langtang. Here you will empower families to rebuild their homes, businesses and sense of community, in the wake of a devastating earthquake. Each day you will wake up in the shadow of the Himalayas to work on earthquake reconstruction projects, teach fundamental English lessons, and immerse yourself in Tibetan culture. Cap off your experience by trekking through the Tibetan Frontier to summit Himalayan peaks!

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Nepal’s Tibetan Frontier Highlights


Your projects will take place in the remote community of Langtang, which was devastated by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in April 2015. The quake triggered an avalanche that wiped out hundreds of homes and businesses and, tragically, took more than 200 lives. Still today, the aftermath of this natural disaster continues to displace families, cripple the local economy and disrupt the education system. Partner with community members to rebuild a primary school, which will provide a foundation for healing and redevelopment, and teach fundamental English lessons to local children and adults.


Every single day of this trip is an adventure – explore the bustling streets and medieval architecture of Kathmandu, spend 4 days trekking through the Langtang Valley, immerse yourself in the Tibetan culture of high-altitude settlements, summit Himalayan peaks, and travel back in time to the ancient Hindu Kingdom of Bhaktapur – all within the shadow of Mother Earth’s most magnificent creation, the mighty Himalayas.

“Traveling to Nepal with GIVE took my appreciation for adventure to another level. I learned to love and respect the vast peaks and valleys of the Himalayas as the locals do.”

Molly Simpson

Past GIVE Volunteer