Vietnam Add-on

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer in Vietnam

Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Add-On

10 Days

After volunteering in Laos, GIVE’s Vietnam Wildlife Conservation Add-On takes you from the vibrant concrete jungle of Ho Chi Minh City to the old-growth tropical jungle of Cat Tien National Park. Here you will volunteer each day at the Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary, helping to develop facilities and improve the quality of life of more than thirty bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade. After volunteering each day, you will get to support the rich biodiversity of Cat Tien as a responsible traveler – search for deer, primates, wild boar and other wildlife on a night safari, observe semi-wild gibbons at a Primate Sanctuary, and even canoe amongst wild crocodiles at Crocodile Lake. After your trip, you can join GIVE’s Elephant Experience Add-On and spend a week practicing responsible elephant tourism in Thailand!

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Vietnam Adventure & Cultural Highlights

Why be a wildlife conservation volunteer?

Stop barbaric bear bile farming

Bear bile farms are a grave threat to Vietnam’s bears. Despite bear bile farming becoming illegal in Vietnam, an estimated 800 bears still remain in captivity. These bears are living in desperate conditions, being held in coffin-sized cages unable to move, with dirty catheters ‘milking’ bile from their gall bladders to be used in traditional medicines.

Provide bears with a safe home

The Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary houses more than 30 rescued moon and sun bears. Due to the physical and emotional trauma they’ve endured in bile farms, it’s unlikely that any of these bears can ever be returned to the wild. However, as the largest semi-natural habitat in Vietnam for rescued wildlife, this sanctuary will offer them the next best thing.

Volunteer to leave a lasting impact

You will volunteer on anything from constructing climbing structures for bears, food prep and distribution, cleaning forest enclosures and bear dens, providing sensory enrichment, general maintenance (painting, sanding, repairs & gardening), and any other tasks deemed important to the ongoing development of the sanctuary.

Vietnam Itinerary

Day 1

Trip Commencement: Group arrives in Ho Chi Minh City. After a warm welcome from your GIVE guides, we’ll enjoy our first dinner together and explore the nearby night market.

Day 2

After breakfast we’ll have an in-depth orientation on the journey ahead then check out On Lang Temple, a Chinese-style Buddhist pagoda in the heart of Saigon. From there we’ll head to the War Remnants Museum for a sobering look at the history of the Vietnam War and the first Indochina War.

After lunch we’ll offer some free time to either rest and relax or check out nearby markets, cathedrals and museums. That evening we’ll embark on a dinner cruise along the Saigon River, combining great food, history, art and music for a truly immersive experience.

Day 3

After breakfast we’ll begin the journey to Cat Tien National Park, a vast lowland tropical forest that’s home to centuries-old trees and diverse wildlife. We’ll check in to our riverside accommodations and then enter the national park to meet the bears and learn all about the projects you will be working on for the next 5 days.

Days 4-8

Volunteering at Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary & Responsible Wildlife Tourism: Wake up each day to the sound of gibbons and other wildlife echoing from the surrounding jungle. After breakfast each day, we’ll ferry across the Dong Nai River to the Cat Tien Bear Sanctuary, where we’ll begin work on anything from constructing climbing structures for the bears, cleaning forest enclosures and bear dens, food preparation and distribution, providing sensory enrichment throughout forest enclosures and general maintenance and improvement to the center (IE painting, sanding, repairs and gardening). We’ll break for lunch around noon and then return to the project site for the rest of the afternoon.

During your free time from volunteering, you’ll also get to experience and help protect the diverse wildlife of Cat Tien as a responsible traveler. One evening we’ll explore the national park in a safari truck looking out for deer, wild boar, primates and other nocturnal animals. You’ll also get to visit a Primate Rescue Center that rehabilitates illegally trafficked golden-cheeked gibbons, pygmy loris, black-shanked duoc and silvered langur, with the ultimate goal of releasing these primates back into the forest. And last but not least, we’ll spend a night at Crocodile Lake and canoe amongst wild Siamese crocodiles in their natural habitat.

Day 9

We’ll make our way back to Ho Chi Minh City for one final night in Vietnam. After dinner we’ll take some time to reflect on our journey and then head to one of Saigon’s famous rooftop bars to celebrate our last night together.

Day 10

Trip End: All good things must come to an end. Soak up your last few hours in Vietnam before heading home, OR join GIVE’s Thailand Elephant Experience Add-On!



Dates & Fees

What’s Included

  • All accommodations after arrival, which have basic amenities and security
  • All group transportation within Vietnam
  • All meals throughout your stay (country specific exceptions)
  • All of your epic adventure activities!
  • Funding toward materials for the volunteer projects in country
  • Drinking water 24/7

What’s Not Included

  • Flights to/from Thailand and all other taxes, ticket fees, and any country entry and departure taxes.
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Passport and visa (specific to host country)
  • Vaccinations (specific to host country)