15 Ways To Fundraise Over

Winter Break


By Sammie Rothney

Now that you have a break from school, you’ve got time to raise some serious funds for your international travels with GIVE! If you’re volunteering with us this summer, this means you’ve got 3-5 months to get your money in order. This is the year you’re volunteering abroad! How exciting! Take our advice, right now, is really the best time to fundraise for your volunteer trip.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few strategies. Depending on your style, you might want to do fundraising the old-fashion way, or you might want to work, or you might want to find ways to simply save. Our biggest tip is that instead of just thinking about it, actually DO IT! Read through to spark some inspiration!


Get creative with ways to receive donations for your trip!

Does your family send holiday cards? Download these fundraising cards and slip them into the envelopes, along with those holiday cards you’re already planning to send to your family and friends! It’s a super quick and easy way to ask for support for your trip! Tip: Printing on cardstock will improve quality, but regular printer paper works just fine!

Host a fundraising dinner party at your house while you’re home! Invite your friends and family to come over. Cook an inexpensive meal, like a pasta dish or tacos, and have each person pay $20 to come! Make it fun with a theme and decorate! Advertise with a Facebook event ahead of time and you are set up for a fun evening to raise funds for your trip!

Put a donation jar out at your family gatherings! Decorate it with pictures and bullet points about your volunteer trip. Tell your relatives that your jar will be sitting right next to the cookies 😉

Ask your friends and family to donate to your trip, rather than give gifts this year! Do you really need another scarf? Let them know you would prefer that $20 to help fund your travels! Have them write a check, or allow them to gift you with a GIVE gift certificate! Also let them know that they can help you out by donating their flight miles as a gift!

While you have time off from school, make something and sell it to fundraise! Successful handmade items sold by our past volunteers are candles, soaps, t-shirts, pie-in-a-jar, bracelets, body scrubs, earrings, canvas paintings, and a whole lot more! Get on Pinterest and find something simple and inexpensive to make. Buy in bulk to get your cost per item between $1-4 to make, this way when you sell them for $10 (for example), you will make a profit! Promote on all social media platforms! Tell people to buy your item to help you fund your trip, they surely would make great gifts!


Earn some extra money by working while you’re not in school!

Offer to wrap people’s presents for donations! Get the word out on social media and make sure your mom tells all her friends! Or try going to your nearest Barnes & Noble to see if you can reserve a gift-wrapping table for donations to your volunteer trip.

Shovel snow for your neighbors! Knock on doors to let people know you can clear their driveways for donations for your volunteer trip. This really works!

Get a seasonal job at home! Retail stores, restaurants, and delivery services tend to hire extra people this time of year. Pick up some extra shifts while you have some time off school. This is a quick way to earn $1,000 with some hard work!

Babysit for parents who need to holiday shop! Send a message to anyone you know to let them know you are available to babysit for them while you’re home for break. And tell them to tell their friends! While you’re at it, also let them know you can wrap their gifts! See how things came full circle there?

Get to work on your closet! Take out clothes, shoes, dresses, bags, outdoor gear, or electronics that you don’t use any more. Host a garage sale or sell your items on Facebook Marketplace or eBay! Work on selling these items over break while people are buying things for the holidays!


Spend less and instead put money towards your travels!

Instead of buying all new clothes for all your holiday parties. DON’T! Rewear clothing you already have or borrow! Think about how much money you will save. $50? $100? $200? You can put that straight towards your trip expenses!

Handmake your gifts or buy second-hand! This is not only a more sustainable route, but it will be a more thoughtful and less expensive present for friends and family.

Those holiday Starbucks cups just aren’t worth it! Save the $5 you would spend on a latte, and instead put that in your adventure jar to go toward your trip! You’d be amazed how fast you’ll see your money start to accumulate. Trust us, do this for one month and see how much you save!

Invite friends to your house for dinner, rather than eating-out for your meals! This is usually the time to catch up with people you haven’t seen in a while, which means you’re probably spending a lot of money when going out all the time! Instead, gather at home to cook, play cards, and catch up. Doesn’t that actually sound kinda fun?

Budget your spendings! Have you ever looked to see where you can cut down your spending habits? Now is a great time to look into it! Google search a budgeting chart or use an app like Mint!

Want to be a total rockstar? Do one thing from each category to be able to volunteer abroad with no money out of your own pocket. You can absolutely make this happen! Get started right away and contact us whenever you need any help. Can’t wait to have you abroad with us!