Extending Your Trip

Extending Your Trip

By joining one of GIVE’s Excursions in Nicaragua, Tanzania, Thailand, Laos and Nepal, you’ve already taken such an enormous leap to volunteer and explore in some of the most awe-inspiring places on the planet. Now that you’ve reached the other side of the world, why not spend an extra week or two experiencing even more of what these incredible countries have to offer?

Southeast Asia

Thailand & Laos Excursions

Combine them for the SE Asia Package

Add-on Elephant Immersion after Laos


Cross borders for a complete SE Asia experience!


GIVE’s Southeast Asia Package in Thailand and Laos takes you in to the heart of both countries for an authentic cultural immersion. See the jagged limestone mountains, saffron-robed monks, majestic elephants, rescued black bears, terraced rice fields, ancient temples, and meandering rivers of this fascinating region!



27 days for $3490 (Save $500)


Add-On Elephant Immersion After Laos: 8 days for $1,295

Southeast Asia Package + Elephant Immersion: 34 Days for $4,585


Tanzania Excursion & Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Combine them for the Tanzania Package!

Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to reach the highest peak in Africa!

Push yourself to the mental, physical and spiritual limit. Conquer the tallest freestanding mountain in the world and stand atop the Roof of Africa. Take our word for it, you can’t go all the way to Tanzania without climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro!

22 days for $3990


Nepal Excursion & Climb Everest Base Camp

Combine them for the Himalayan Package!

Trek to the gateway of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world!

Explore the world’s most spectacular mountain scenery on a 13-day expedition through the great Himalayan range. Take our word for it, you can’t go all the way to Nepal without taking advantage of this once in lifetime opportunity to climb Everest Base Camp!

26 days for $3790

Central America

Nicaragua Excursion & SCUBA Reef Conservation.

Combine them for the Nicaragua Package!

Travel from the Pacific to the Caribbean on a coast-to-coast adventure!


Combine your Nicaragua Excursion with SCUBA Reef Conservation for the ultimate Nicaraguan experience! After two weeks of volunteering in rural fishing villages & climbing volcanoes on the Pacific Coast, jet off to Little Corn Island to dive in the Caribbean & protect coral reefs!

27 Days for $3790 (Save $100)


Check out Another Way

To Extend Your Trip!

Back to Back Trips

Extend your stay in any location by doing back to back trips!


When you GIVE Back2Back!

$300 off any second program in the same season!

$400 off any third program in the same season!

$700 off any fourth program in the same season!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Contact GIVE and we can chat!

Note: The SE Asia Package counts as one program and it’s already $500 off!