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Help foster global change while building your own skillsets and professional/personal growth. Our internships and job opportunities are a gateway to the professional side of social entrepreneurship, global development, and international guiding.

Join GIVE’s Global Engagement Team

When was it that you first noticed that ache in your chest – that yearning to see the world?

​Was it scrolling through Instagram’s endless feed of travel photos? Did you listen to a friend as they struggled to find the words to properly encompass all they had just experienced? Or were you an unsuspecting student sitting in a classroom whose life was forever changed by one outrageous human who came in like a match and sparked something inside you that you didn’t even know existed?

​The point is, you followed that yearning and you packed your bags. You got on a plane and you saw the world. You laughed and shook hands with people on the other side of the planet. You volunteered alongside locals and left your heart in that tiny village, and you came home changed – forever. All thanks to whomever or whatever lit that fire.

What if we told you, that YOU could do that for someone else?

What if it was your job to light that fire within an unsuspecting student, and undoubtedly change their life forever?

GIVE is looking for inspiring, enthusiastic, globally minded individuals to join our Global Engagement Team this fall! For job requirements and details, please download the job description below.

To apply please send your resume and cover letter to with the subject heading, “Global Engagement Team” and someone from GIVE HQ will be in touch with you!

Do good for the world

while doing good for yourself!

​Get paid to travel the country inspiring the next generation of GIVErs