What is a Global Citizen?

What is a Global Citizen?


“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.”

– Socrates

Empowering global citizens is a critical aspect of GIVE’s mission. By directly engaging our volunteers with people in our host communities, we aim to put a human face to the global crisis of extreme poverty. These eye-opening experiences and lasting connections inspire our volunteers to continue acting on behalf of the developing world when they return home. Beyond just inspiration, we also provide year-round support and guidance to GIVE alumni who want to increase their impact.


Photo is of past volunteer, Jennifer Lucas, pursuing traveling and serving abroad in Peru after GIVE.

A global citizen understands that solving the world’s greatest challenges and ending extreme poverty will require unrelenting collective action from ordinary people around the world.

GIVE Global Citizens in Action

Sally ran the Great Wall of China Marathon to raise $8,000 that helped fund a critical freshwater system in Sop Chem, Laos, a rural village of more than 300 people! With Sally’s efforts, there are now over 55 families who have access to clean, safe, accessible drinking water.

Thomas opened a GoFundMe campaign which inspired 87 donors to raise $3,510 towards medical bills for his close friend Fahmi in Tanzania, who was struggling to pay for treatment following a life-threatening motorcycle accident.

After Joe was gifted dozens of hand-woven fabrics from local women in Sop Chem, he returned their kindness tenfold by selling the fabrics at an auction back home and raised more than $3,000 for the Sop Chem women’s co-op!

How To Become A Global Citizen

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Campaign For A Cause

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