GIVE Groups

GIVE Groups

Your journey doesn’t have to end once we’ve dropped you off at the airport.

Join one of our GIVE Groups, or start your own, to continue being the Roots of Change in your communities back home!

GIVE currently has more than 30 active groups across the United States. Hundreds of GIVE alumni are taking the lessons of leadership, sustainable development and global citizenship they learned on their GIVE trips and applying them in their own communities. Groups are actively raising money and awareness for humanitarian initiatives, volunteering in their own communities, holding monthly events and meet-ups to stay connected with their GIVE family, encouraging fellow students to go on GIVE trips, and so much more. This collective grassroots movement is increasing GIVE’s impact exponentially and helping to fulfill our mission to empower global citizens and ignite sustainable change worldwide.

Unite To Carry The Momentum Forward.

Explore the map below to see if we have a GIVE Group in your area!

Join a network of passionate past and future volunteers from your community who want to keep the GIVE experience alive! The GIVE experience doesn’t have to end when your trip does, join a GIVE Group to continue being the Roots of Change back home!

* If you’d like to get in touch with the Group President, email us!


* Don’t see a GIVE Group in your area? Email us to start one and connect with other groups!

GIVE Group Accomplishments

These are only a few highlights of the amazing work happening around the world.

If your GIVE Group has an awesome story, we’d love to hear it! Send us a photo along with your story to

Inspiring Future Volunteers

Campaign For a Cause

Environmental Advocates

Reppin’ GIVE Locally

Local Sustainable Action

Global Awareness Campaigns

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