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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Students4Students is a campaign led by GIVE, student groups, and past volunteers nationwide to support students in our host communities year round. This campaign plays a major role in sustaining our education programs for our friends in Thailand, Laos, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. Our goal is to empower locals and ensure the basic human right to quality educational opportunities in their daily lives all year long.

100% of Donations Fund GIVE Education Projects Abroad

Scroll over images below to see how the Students4Students Campaign will be used in each of our host communities.


From teaching fifteen students in his home to forty-two in the newly opened Skuli Ya Kairo GIVE School, Students4Students will support Teacher John to continue providing education to the children in his own community.


Ms. Wendy has always believed in education being the most powerful tool that the children of Little Corn can have. Students4students will support Ms. Wendy to continue to run the Reading Room, a place open for all the children in Little Corn Island to receive help on their homework and also engage in extracurricular activities.


Intertwining English class with technical permaculture education, Students4Students will offer Muang Khong locals the opportunity to learn the skills of cultivating their local land in order to create prosperous futures.


The students in Sop Chem are eager to continue their education, yet it is too costly for most families. Students4Students provides scholarships to give these hard-working teens the opportunity to go to secondary school.

Past Student4Students Campaigns:

2017 Campaign raised over $12,000!
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