GIVE Gift Cards

GIVE Gift Cards

GIVE a gift that will change lives this holiday season! The gift of a GIVE trip, merchandise, or gift card will improve the lives of everyone involved – from the children and families in our host communities, to that special person you’ve supported on a path of personal growth and discovery. This holiday season, give a gift that keeps on GIVEing for a lifetime.

Your gift will support positive change and impact lives around the world…

A GIVE Gift Card will go directly towards expanding childhood education, providing access to fresh water, housing and nutrition, and empowering women’s cooperatives in Nepal, Tanzania, Thailand, Laos, and Nicaragua. Here are some of our volunteer initiatives:

  • Educating children in fundamental English
  • Building homes for single mothers & families in need
  • Building schools to provide a productive learning environment
  • Scuba diving to implement artificial reefs and increase marine life
  • Providing job opportunities for women and men in our host communities
  • Empowering farmers to increase production on their land

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